How 3 year-old Zeenat Adebayo becoming brand influencer

Zeenat Adebayo won’t be four until October, and that pitches her between being a toddler and an infant but her profile smacks of something unusual already.
Apart from being dubbed as an entrepreneur on her Instagram page, she has well over three hundred thousand followers. Her page named @zeena_zara has the trapping of a budding entrepreneur.

Zeenat probably derived her huge Instagram followership from her parents who are celebrities in their own rights. Her mother, Happiness Adebayo, is popular as a number one and biggest human hair seller in Nigeria and Chief Executive Officer of Glee Luxury Hair and Skincare. She has well over three thousand followers

The father on the other hand is one of Nigeria’s leading automobile dealers and business moguls, Issa Adebayo of Still Autos Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Adebayo Group of Companies. His followers on Instagram tops well over 800 thousand.

Already, little Zeenat Adebayo is being eyed by some children-centric brands as she is being positioned appropriately by the parents.


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