How God exposed evil tree, liberated my people –Evangelist Ike

The founder of Jesus The Water of Life and Zam Jehovah God Outreach Ministries, Evangelist Christian Ike, is the last child of a veteran railway worker. In this interview with TAI ANYANWU, he shares his walk with God and how divine liberation was stirred up among his people through his ministry


Could share with us few experiences that show you were called to ministry?


When I was seven years old, I accompanied my father to my town’s market square, to sell our dock fowls. One of our dock fowl ran into a popular shrine (‘Ogugu’ Shrine). I went into the sacred groove and retrieved the dock. Few minutes after, a terrible headache struck me and I was dying right before my dad’s presence.


He took me back to the house, covered me with a blanket. He thereafter went out in search of help for his dying son. While he was gone, a huge man towering over eight feet appeared to me. The giant man called my name saying, “Christian, you will not die.” When my father returned I told him that a big man came here and told me that I will not die. Another strange incident happened when I was 11 years old. Something I cannot describe carried me away from my room, into the forest. For 24 hours, I was in that bush.


My parents searched desperately for me. God spoke to me in that bush saying ‘Christian, you will serve me.’ But I did not understand, as a child. I went ahead to acquire a skill as a driver mechanic. During my apprenticeship, the message came to me again saying ‘Christian, you will do the work.’ I thought the work is my driver/mechanic work; I still did not understand that was a call to serve God.


Along the line, I went to fetch water from stream in a neighbouring town of Umuebaa in Owerri. The swift-flowing shallow stream swept me off, beyond the point where people can swim. This time, a big hand grabbed my ass and threw me out of the consuming water. He said ‘Go.’ These were so many pointers that God’s hand is upon my life.


Did you ever have direct encounter with Jesus?


Yes. I saw Jesus in a dream carrying the cross. Someone said ‘Christian this is Jesus. He is carrying his cross.’ Anything you do in this life, you will carry your cross. To eat, to marry and to do anything, you will carry your own cross. One day, a maiden led me to the top of the ocean; and said to me, ‘I know that you are suffering, I will help you. When we got to a point, the water was raging. The little girl said Christian get ready whatever you ask for now will be given to you.

And I said God forbid in the name of Jesus….the water became instantly calm. The Queen of the cost could not come out again, the maiden also disappeared. I never knew that God showed me all these things for a purpose. In 1994, the Lord opened my eyes to see his divine assignment for me in a Church in the USA. He said ‘let us introduce a man of God from Nigeria, Evangelist Christian Ike.’ Immediately I stood,

on the floor of that church, the power of God revealed about 200 people who were chained with marine anchor. The chain broke and the people were set free. There was jubilation in the worship arena. All of these happened when I was still a Catholic. Later I joined City Liberation Centre. My General Overseer, Bishop West Obiakarije, and his wife Ngozi Obiakarije, were the first people that told me that I am called to serve God. From that moment, I began to see many strange things and when I say a thing it comes to pass.


What spectacular miracle has God wrought in your ministry?


In 2012, one Mrs. Beatrice was sick to a point of dying. Everyone around believed she was going to die. When I heard about her condition, I got her phone number and put a call to the sick lady. She could not talk, but she managed to give me her house address.

I eventually located her and I prayed for her over time and visited her house for prayers every two days till one day, God told me to go and tell her that she will not die. She doubted me but I said ‘God sent me to tell you that you will not die.’ If you die I will drop the Bible, I added. She survived. One day I was praying and God said: ‘Look at your village and your people

. You see late marriage and premature death. In the family, the oldest man in each family is not more than 60 years.’ I said this is an error. God was ministering to me in my family. Our beautiful ladies 24 years and above remained unmarried; some began to cohabit with their men without fulfilling proper marital process. I said ‘God it’s an error.’ God said “Ok I will give you assignment.

Go to your old village square called ‘Ukwu Egbu,’ and cut down the ancient tree.’ I said God how can I fight this battle? I don’t have money to undertake a village crusade/revival. Besides, my people are chronic Catholics.’ But in 2017, I hosted the crusade in my village and invited two other ministers one of whom had also got a revelation about that ‘Ukwu Egbu’. God told me that the destiny of our youths has been tied down in that ancient tree, not because of what the ancestors had done, but by the activities of evil men in our own generation. The tree was a transit point for evil men, who evacuated people’s fortunes in the spirit realm.


They just touch the body on the tree and project into the astral world. One morning, I was doing morning cry in my village and at the junction leading to the ancient tree, I saw three little children. They did not greet me. As I was meditating what the minors were doing out there at the hour, the spirit of God told me that they were spirits making incantations.


As the crusade was ongoing, I told our traditional King (Eze) in the presence of the people about my revelation. Our Eze confirmed that another Eze from a neighbouring autonomous community had asked him why he allowed that kind of evil tree to remain in his domain. I told him that we were going to uproot the evil tree and he said he had to inform his chiefs and ward leaders to listen to my story.

The meeting took place and the town crier was sent out to summon all the people to also be in attendance. I was eventually given permission to do what God asked me to do; despite stiff opposition from one clan leader. Consequently, some people sold the ancient tree to a wood merchant. When the merchant fell down the ancient tree, there was not a single log he could sell to recover even part of his investment; because from the bottom to the top of the evil tree was all hollow.


Was your village liberated after all?


Now that crusade yielded the expected fruit in my village. Those hindrances, barriers were broken after the crusade. In 2019, I wanted to do another crusade in my village but God told me to do it in my own kindred, where the only opposition against the cutting of the ancient tree emanated. I said; ‘Ah!


Lord, give me a topic.’ About two days God said go and tell you people about “Breaking the Yoke of Limitation’. At the crusade, I insisted that late marriage was over, premature delivery was over and that limitations are broken. At the end of the crusade, God instructed me to Go and raise an altar for him in ‘Ukwu Egbu.’


I picked seven stones and raised the altar of the Lord at the scene of the evil tree and I called the names of the clan as I raise the altar. Then it was a narrow track road, now that whole area has witnessed huge development.

\ The Lord also instructed me to a particular house that one of my cousins abandoned for over 30 years. I decreed that whatsoever was buried there so that the house will not be completed, this year 2021 this house will not remain like this. Before then, our unmarried sisters were getting married frequently. That house is no longer abandoned; it is actually almost completed now




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