How I combined police job with my ministry –Pastor Osuobeni

The General Overseer, Bliss of Holy Ghost Ministries International, Apostle Newman Osuobeni, retired as a police officer in 2019, at a very young age. He is now into full time ministry. He shares how it all began in this interview with PAULINE ONYIBE, Excerpts



How did your calling all start?


I was still with the police when I received the call of God. Within me, I perceived that God wanted me to do his work. So l started praying in my house with my wife and my children.


That was in 2004. As God would have it, the prayer band grew gradually until the prayer band moved from my house to an open place.

How were you able to combine your police work and church stuff?


That was a big mystery.


So many attacks and bad things happened. It was only the grace of God that enabled me. There were many attacks from the police and my colleagues.


When the ministry started growing a lot of jealousy and envies started coming from people, from the police and they thought that by transferring me, the ministry would fall. I was transferred to Delta. I put pastors in charge of the church in Port Harcourt, before going to Delta. We have three branches in Port Harcourt plus the headquarters.


So I started another one in Delta State. Just then there was, another petition which alleged that instead of doing my police work I’m doing God’s work. I was again transferred to Bayelsa, as a result, I came into Bayelsa in 2014. I looked at myself and said how am I going to start again. As God would have it, we got this place. It was a small place before it gradually grew.


Being a police officer actually affected the ministry. At one point, there were some financials transaction I could not do. Because when you do some things as a pastor, they will say e don bring police method to do this and that. So it affected the ministry but grace sustained the work.


God used me for signs and wonders. It kept moving me. I eventually decided to retire here in Bayelsa whether transfer came or not. The battle became tense but God helped me.


An Assistant Commissioner of Police happened to have a problem that was really affecting him. When he discovered that I am a pastor we came in contact and God healed him. The Assistant Commissioner said to me ‘don’t you worry.’


He asked me how many years was remaining and I said five years. He said that I should not worry that I would spend that remaining five years here and he backed me up until I retired.


What is the vision of your ministry?


In the beginning, I found myself delivering people. I call for deliverance and in the process of doing it I found myself operating at another level. I see things and they come to pass. Eventually the gifts began to increase. By the grace of God, I’m operating in the office as an apostle, prophet and a deliverance minister.


What are some of the major pronounced miracles that have taken place in this church?


There are many. But let me recall one that happened in Port Harcourt. It was a very though one; the man was a great herbalist. God used me to convert him at the age of eighty something years.


























































































He became a member of the church until he died at the age of ninety two. When we came to Bayelsa, one of the miracles that God did was a young lady with her boy. The boy took ill and they took him to the hospital. Along the line, the boy died. Doctors told her to release the baby. The lady came, backing her baby. It wasn’t a service day but we were doing some prayers. At a time she came after she saw that I was less busy. She asked me to pray for the baby.


She said I had a dream that you prayed for my baby and my baby came back to life. I asked her what was happening and she just brought out the baby and dropped the baby at the altar. I asked her if the baby was still alive and she said pray i f God will answer. I saw you. You prayed. I said this boy is dead and do you want t o come and tempt me.


People were even telling her and they wanted to tell her t o go away with the baby. In that process, something just said the baby is at the altar. Pray even if he didn’t wake up you have done your own. I said leave the baby. I asked for our miracle water.


They brought it then I told my pastors to come and then I prayed. As I prayed, I sprinkled the water. The baby started jerking. Everybody began to shout. I held the baby to my chest. At the end the baby came back to life. He was about six years. That was one major miracle that made people to believe there is God here.


What is your view concerning deliverance. The bible said that Jesus preached deliverance but today people conduct deliverance?


That is a problem with the body of Christ. But to me, as a pastor I look at it that understanding of doctrine and knowledge of the word of God is very important. The bible said God has delivered us from the power of darkness to his marvelous light. Jesus has done the deliverance.


We all carry human spirit. We are delivered but our human spirit needs education. So if we are delivered and if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Your complexion doesn’t change.


Your character doesn’t change. The word of God will be the one that will now change you. So that is why the bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. As your faith is developing, deliverance has to take place in your human spirit.


That brings the deliverance from your human spirit. When your human spirit is delivered, you have the free asses to enjoy the Holy Spirit.


Why lots of people do not enjoy the Holy Spirit is because their spirits still argue with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes some of us as men of God people ask why doing deliverance. There is need.


We know we are fighting a spiritual battle. Satan too is trying to possess the human spirit while Holy Ghost too wants to poses the human spirit.


How do we reconcile this issue of Jehovah witness not accepting the doctrine of other Pentecostals and all that?


That is what has brought division among Christians but it ought not to be so. The body of Christ is one. There is this belief and mindset that Jesus brought to us salvation and He has come to establish this on earth until he comes to take us.


If we now look at that, we are all one but one thing that is bringing problem is knowledge of the word of God. We are not united.


The Muslims are more united than us. We are the salvation of the world but we are not united. We are the salt of the earth. That was what Jesus said. We are the light of the world but how can we be the light if this one has grace more than the other person, they will say this one is fake. Why can’t we speak one word?


There is no way you can stop it until Jesus comes and most of us are going to hell concerning this matter because they are small but it is not supposed to be so. I can’t be a judge but most of us have become judges in the body of Christ and it is affecting the body.


What can be done?


I think it is the coming of Christ that is going to stop it. The moment the trumpet sounds and people go, the rest people will know and that is the time the thing will stop. If you look, there is no way you can correct it. To me, the solution is the coming of Christ and I really believe that Jesus will come very soon.


All the signs have been fulfilled. Recently I had a great revelation immediately after COVID-19. I told my church members that God took me in the realm of spirit and told me that four hours is remaining for me to come and take my people.


He said; ‘address your church. When I look at your church, I discovered that your church is with white but blood is staining a lot of them.’ I told the church members. He told me to tell them to wash the blood away. ‘Let their garment be white. I’m coming soon.’


When I woke up I became afraid and if you look from the time of Abraham down to the captivity of the children of God in Babylon, we have fourteen generations and a generation is one hundred years. From that captivity to the birth of Jesus Christ is fourteen generations.


Infact we have left three generations and now we are in the fourth one and the signs are completed and even the fourth one we are now almost two thousand four hundred and twenty years. From Jesus to now we have spent almost two generations.


All these COVID-19 are signs because anti-Christ wants to take over by force. It is our prayers that is constraining him. From now to 2030, let everybody make his or her way right. If COVID-19 can happen and you don’t believe the coming of Christ, then you are joking.


There is this company and allied matters Act, 2020 CAMA act which the federal government can ordinarily use to suspend church trustees and appoint interim management if they suspect any financial mismanagement. How do you see that act?


The federal government cannot fund the church because if they will fund the church, we will give them the yearly budget. Let them fund the church and then we will do whatever they want. They only feel that churches are making money. Of course we ought to make money because it is heavenly gift but if federal government wants to say tax, we will bring a yearly budget for them so that they will fund the church and we will do whatever they want. Otherwise they will fail because it can never work. They want to tell me that even if I want to host a crusade, they will be the one to fund it. This is what COVID-19 is trying to bring to constrain the church. We will not accept that. Prayer will destroy all that they are thinking. And these are the things that will make Josue to come quick because they are trying to close down the body of Christ.

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