I cure ear, tooth, eye diseases with herbs, roots –Dr. Olu

Dr. Sunny Olu is a house hold name in traditional medicine; he is particularly gifted in using herbs to cure all kinds of tooth, ear, eye and finger diseases. In Edo State, Dr Olu has won various awards from friends, clients in the Diaspora and notable organizations. In this Interview with OJIEVA EHIOSUN, he gave a vivid account of his life and how he started this business, including challenges, and why he needs the support of government. Excerpts…

How best will you describe yourself?

Thank you so very much. I’m Dr. Sunny Olu, a traditional medicine man who God has called to use leaves (herbs) to cure people with ear, eye, tooth and fingernail diseases. How I started this profession is a mystery. Though my father was also a known traditional medicine man, for me I didn’t want to take after my father, because traditional medicine people are usually regarded as wicked persons. I had wanted to learn some other trade after my secondary education.

But as I grew up, I discovered that there is a gift God has deposited in me. There was a time I dreamt seeing myself given sick persons attention by administering herbs to them. I also see in my dreams somebody not known to me showing me herbs in the bush and telling me the uses and importance of each leaf. So it was then I discovered that God had better and bigger plans for me.

When I woke up the next day, I picked up my note book and wrote down everything I was shown in the dream. I kept doing that until I was convinced that I’m on the right track of my calling to serve humanity with the talent God has deposited in me. So that is how I came into the business of herbs and humanity. Everything I’m today I give God the glory.

How do you intend to make people outside Edo State know that you have permanent cure for ear, tooth, eye, leprosy of fingers and foot diseases?

You know our people have been so brainwashed by civilization and the coming of the white man to Africa to the extent that they have disdain for our rich cultural heritage. In the days of our forefathers there was nothing like Panadol tablets or foreign medicine, but they lived longer that we live today.

Today, Nigerians and in fact Africans have lost touch with our tradition. The present rate of deaths being recorded in Nigeria today is as a result of intake of bad chemical foods and drugs.

In the Bible God said that everything He created is good, including trees, green grasses among others. Every green leaf you can see has one thing it does for the body and is medicinal. With my own little knowledge about herbs, I have used them to cure many people with ear, eyes, teeth and leprosy illnesses. I do not have the financial power to go on air to market my business, but I have clients across many states of the federation.

People who have visited me and have seen the potency and effectiveness of my herbs go about telling other persons about me. No matter the level of seriousness of the disease, I have solution for it. I cure, but God heals.

You can see what is happening here now, see these patients, some of them come from the neighbouring states. You can also see the kinds of worms coming out from one of my patient’s ear, it is not magic, it is the effectiveness and potency of these herbs that has forced out these worms from their hiding places in their body. If it is the hospital they would carry out operation on this person. At the end, they may be doing more damage to the ears. For me whether the worms have been there for years, the moment the liquid of this herbs goes into the ears, the worms have no option than to come out. It is also applicable to the person with tooth ache problems.

Why do professional medical experts come to consult you?

They have their reasons for coming to me. They know that my herbs are very effective, because some of them have seen the results of my work. It’s just that in Nigeria, the Federal Government does not want to recognise our work; they need to appreciate us and help us to develop our product. Traditional medicine dealers have a big role to play. Look at China, everything about them is herbs. Our elites go to China for cure, and Chinese are gradually taking over the world with their roots and herbs. But here in Nigeria we have people who know more than China. They have 100% backing of their government; until our government begins to support us we will not go anywhere.

What are your challenges so far?

The only challenge facing me is finance. I want to have a bigger office where I can operate from. I need money to maintain my office, get good furniture so that it will look decent for people. Federal Ministry of Health has a big role to play, because our health sector needs to be upgraded. A lot of persons have come to me so that I can teach them. I’m ready to teach people who are interested and willing to learn.


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