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I grew up to adore Banky W, RMD as my style models, says MC Kris

Iji Christian Agbike (aka MC Kris), is a young and versatile entertainer. In this interview with DEBORAH OCHENI, the graduate of Benue State University and multiple award winner speaks about his fashion philosophy, his future plans and sundry issues. Excerpts:


Do you conform to trend and which fashion trend do you love most?


No, am not the trend kind of person.


How comfortable do you feel in jeans and T-shirt?


Jeans and T-shirt is most likely a comfortable wear for everyone, so as for me I feel very comfortable because it makes me feel light.

What makes a man well dressed?

To me, whatever makes a man well-dressed is simply whatever he wears and is comfortable with it.

Whose celebrity style do you like most?


Celebrity style I love the most is Bankole Willington (aka Banky W) and Nollywood actor, Mr. Richard Mofe- Damijo (aka RMD).


Fashion wise, do you have a role model?


Fashion wise, people like Banky W, RMD will always be my number one pick or choice.


Is there anything you are unlikely to be caught wearing?

Yes ooo…all those coloured trousers and wearing short with long socks, (chaiii) God forbid bad thing.

What is your ready to go outfits?

I will go for T-shirt or Polo and Jeans because they are mostly outfits that wouldn’t make me look too serious, simple, smart and not much stress to get it ready.


When it comes to fashion, would you say your physique works to your advantage?


Yes, my physique really works to my advantage and hope to model someday.


While shopping, which fashion item catches your fancy?


While shopping the fashion that catches my fancy the most is sneakers. Which fashion accessory do you live for? Bracelet and wrist watches.



Which outfits take up most space in your wardrobe?


Native wears take most the space, my love for native wears makes me do much of them. And also I get designers, who clothes me for free to promote them at events too.


What is your costliest fashion possession? How much did you get it?


Funny enough my costliest fashion possession is one of my Native Agbada, and it just 65,000 naira


How do you love your shoes?

I love them very simple and not dramatic.


What determine what you wear?

What I wear is basically determined by the kind of place or event I’m dressing for. If am home, am likely to be on my short and polo shirt, if am going out to do a master of Ceremony (MC) at a corporate event, I am likely to be on suit.

But if it is for a traditional marriage, I will go on a native dress, and so on.


What do you think of modern designers?


Their creativity has gone into another level entirely, everyday by day they are out with new style. Kudos to them


Who is your best designer?


DANIEL’S STITCHES, A young and upcoming fashion designer


Do you have a signature perfume?


Antonio Bandaras Seduction for men


Do you have any fashion obsession?

Yes ooooo…I can use my last money to get sneakers and sew native wears.


There are people looking up to attaining the height that you are now, what is your advice for such people?


How do you handle female fans’ excesses?

Handling female fans excesses is not such a big deal with me at all. I try as much as possible to reciprocate their gestures but in a casual way. I try to be friendly and let them know that I appreciate their support.


Aside anchoring events, which other businesses do you do?


I work with Itel Mobile as sales representatives, a Nollywood actor and currently working on becoming an event management practitioner. I am an On Air Personality (OAP), who is currently working on establishing other businesses with friends.


The entertainment industry seems saturated; how do you intend to keep afloat?


Saturated is an understatement but despite that, I intend to leave a mark and stay at the top for as long as possible and I intend doing that by been unique and employing creative means to distinguish myself from others in the industry.


As an MC, would you say the career is lucrative enough?


Being an MC is a lucrative career and it’s enough to pay my bills but I still have other engagements that compliment my earnings. Paying bills as an MC at the initial stage could be difficult but with consistency, u get to a point where people get to see the value of what you do and are willing to pay for it then u see jobs coming from every angle making things a lot easier.


Does your background influence who you are now?


My background sure have a hand in who I am now. I grew up in Lagos and the street of Lagos as we know is entertainment on it’s own. It was in that spirit that I ventured into MC career then adding Acting, OAP and event management to it later on.


Are you satisfied with your choice of career?


I’m very satisfied. As the saying goes ‘make your hobby your work and you will never work for the rest of your life’. Am doing what I love doing so it’s so easy and smooth for me.

What inspired your various creations?


My creativity is mostly inspired by the things happening around me. I pick events and occurrences within my vicinity and the world at large and interpret it in a way that will be entertaining to my audience. Sometimes, I go off trends to do something unique that will be known as my trade mark too.


What is the major challenge young artistes face in Nigeria?


The major challenge is platform, if you don’t have a platform, your talent is useless. Secondly, young talents are not encouraged because sometimes, we beg organisers and even pay to be given the opportunity to perform.


Would you say the government has done enough for the creative sector?

I won’t completely discredit government’s role in supporting creative people but I can say they haven’t done enough. I remember a time that I was shooting a short movie and I approached a customary court to use their court room for one of the scenes, they declined because I didn’t have money to fetch out and things like that can be discouraging. There are some infrastructures and policies they can put in place to make our work easier. I believe they can do better.

As an MC, what is the gap you hope to breach in the industry?


Mc’s most of the time are not given the credit the deserve like those in other areas of the entertainment industry. Organisers will pay music artist to come perform, pay camera men to cover the event, pay comedians but when it comes to paying MC’s the start pricing like they are in the market square.

They be like, is it not just to talk for few hours?


But they don’t hesitate to give the music artist who will only perform for few minutes good pay. As an MC, I Intend to change this narrative by been principled in my negotiations and letting event planners and organisers know that we are professionals that deserve respect and good pay too.



Was there anyone in your family who made you develop interest in what you do presently?



None, it’s just my passion and love for what I do, even though I have some of my uncle that are into it as well but I got to know them lately.


Who inspires you the most in entertainment industry?


I am inspire by so many, take for instance in Movie industry, Ramsey Noah inspires me the most, In comedy the likes of Eneche .O. Eneche, Des-talker AY and Bovi etc.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?


I see myself seating at the top in the industry and becoming a house hold name and at that point, I see myself organising events and creating platforms for upcoming entertainers particularly MC’s to showcase their talent and bring them to limelight.


Are you a fan of Ankara prints?


Yes, I am a fan of Ankara prints. Having a fashion designer as wife, what do you expect?


What is your take on African traditional wears?


They will always be my favorites, because they bring beauty on anybody that puts them on and speak volume of our heritage, culture, language etc, it distinguish us from the rest of the world.

Do you consider any fashion item indispensable?

Yes, my bracelet


How do you get your fashion items in Nigeria?


Through the help of a fashion designer





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