I love my shoes very high and comfortable –Daniels

Maureen Daniels is a frontline designer with CnDaniels Couture. In this interview with DEBORAH OCHENi, the fashion designer who has carved a niche for herself in female fashion line by clothing both Nigerian and foreign celebrities talked about her fashion philosophy, love for high shoes. Compared Nigerian fashion with the United Kingdom fashion and sundry issues.



Are your services limited to Nigeria based celebrities?

We do send stuffs abroad as well. We have celebrity clients in foreign countries and the level of acceptance has been good. The only challenge we get most time is the measurement.

How will you define your style?

I wear clothes based on the way I feel, you cannot actually define my style because I do different things, I can be simple but must be classy and elegant.

Are you a trend conformist?

I dare to be different because trends come and go. I like what people don’t like in the area of fashion. People may not like what I like but by the time I’m done rocking it they will be forced to like it. I don’t follow trends and I try as much as possible to stand out.

What determines what you wear?

My mood and the event

Is there anything you will never be caught wearing?

Mini skirt, band dress is not for me

What makes a woman well dressed?

I like it when a woman is well covered, you have to be modest, you can be all covered up and still look very sexy.

How do you love your makeup?

Personally I love my makeup very mild but if I should do for a client then the occasion will determine how it should be.

What kind of earrings appeals to you most?

I am very versatile, I like ear-rings either dangling or stud. I dare to wear different things.

How comfortable do you feel going out without makeup?

I feel very c o m f o r t a b l e , I don’t wear makeup from Mondays to Saturdays; I wear makeup on Sundays when I am going to church or when going for event.


How do you love your shoes?

I love my shoes very high and comfortable. I love platform shoes but I am not a fan of block heels and wedges.

Fashion wise, how would you compare Nigeria to the UK?

I must confess that there is no place like home.

Which accessories appeal to you most?

Earrings and rings, I can stay the whole year without wearing neckpiece.

What kind of outfits take up most space in your wardrobe?


What is your ready to go outfits?

Jeans but I now do pencil pants


At this stage in your life, would you say you are satisfied with what you do?

Not yet, I am still hoping to go high.

With a background in makeup, what informed the decision of going into fashion designing?

I did a course on makeup in the UK; I did a few music videos, one or two movies and some other things. I did not leave makeup; it is just on suspension for sometime in other to give more attention to fashion so that the fashion can thrive. My makeup line will come into the picture soon because we intend to combine both, by so doing we will be able to offer a full package in the sense that we will clothe you and make you up as well. Fashion designing wasn’t something I wanted to do initially but I love fashion, call me a fashionista and you won’t be wrong. At some point it was a little difficult to get someone to actually do something that I like because I am someone that like doing things differently and often times, the tailor will not get what I really want so, I decided to start doing something for myself and that was how I started with needle and thread. The credit goes to my very good friend Aunty Ngozi that used to design clothes for me, my husband who is also a designer saw the talent in me and encouraged me to develop it.

How would you describe the experience so far?

The experience is interesting, annoying and at the same time very exciting because at the end of the day you will wonder how you were able to achieve such a beautiful result. The most exciting part of fashion designing is when clients fit their clothes and they sit well on them; fashion gives me the kind of fulfillment that I wasn’t getting in makeup.


Between makeup and fashion designing, which is more lucrative?

Makeup is something I love and if I should relate to the financial aspect of it, I think it is more on the makeup side because it’s something you can do within 30 minutes to one hour. The exciting thing about fashion is the compliment you get when a client wears them.

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