ICT and its inevitable impact

As days unfold, advancement becomes the order of the day. Hence, mankind can’t thrive without acknowledging the obvious occurrence of enhancement.

This is why everyone shouldn’t claim ignorance of whatever that is trending or in vogue. Computing has presently proven to be the best way a job could aptly be done in the office or any formal setting anywhere across the global community.


By the above assertion, it suffices to say that any establishment that’s yet to appreciate the essence of computing, or Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in particular, is still lagging behind. Computing is simply the activity of using a computer and writing programmes for it.


It can further be described as any goal-oriented activity that requires as well as benefits from a mathematical sequence known as algorithm, through the use of systems (computers) among other devices alike.


It’s noteworthy that the major fields that involve computing include: Computer science, System engineering, Software engineering, and Information technology. Computing – particularly Information Technology (IT) as it’s fondly called – has become a veritable and integral part of every business plan coupled with day-to-day office works.


From multi-national firms who maintain mainframe systems and databases, to small establishments that own a single computer, IT obviously plays a key role. The impact of computing on everyday activity in the office is so vast. Adequate use of computing can enable any firm, regardless of size or status, to handle its human resources effectively.


A sound computing would enable the firm to boast of viable and reliable database of the overall staff alongside their designations. It would also help the company to update the database in terms of death rate, employment, transfer, maternity leave, or what have you.


By so doing, the establishment would invariably realize the worth of its workforce towards boosting efficiency and job control. The human resources of Imo State or Nigeria at large, for example, can only be aptly handled via computing.


Similarly, with a proper use of computing, employment process would be carried out expressly by the human resources department.


With IT, also known as information systems, job seekers can apply without getting to the firm/office involved, thereby avoiding foreseen congestion that could compound office stress or workload. And, having applied, the various applicants can be easily and properly assessed via the use of computing.


We must acknowledge that manual system of interview is no longer in vogue if we intend to get it right, especially in the area of Aptitude Test. Management coupled with communication among the staff or between the existing branches of an establishment cannot be overlooked while discussing the essence of computing.


Part of management is gathering and disseminating information, and IT can make this routine more accurate by allowing managers to communicate rapidly. Emailing is quick and effective, but the managers can use information systems even more efficiently by storing documents in folders that they share with the employees who need the information. Such activity can be aided with adequate use of networking system.


Furthermore, how you manage your firm’s operations depends on the information you have. Information systems can offer more complete and recent info, allowing you to operate your firm/office more efficiently. You can use IT to gain a cost advantage over competitors, or to differentiate your firm’s content by offering better customer service.


For instance, sales’ data give you insights about what customers are purchasing and let you stock or produce items that are selling well. Hence, with guidance from the IT, you can streamline your operations. Additionally, apt use of IT would enable the firm to easily reach out to the public via advertisement, thereby boosting sales or services, as the case may be.


Computing can equally help you make excellent decisions by delivering all the required information.


Decision-making involves choosing a course of action from several alternatives and carrying out the corresponding tasks. If you can boast of accurate and up-to-date info, you can make a choice with confidence. If more than one choice seems appealing, you can use the available information system to x-ray different scenarios.


For each possibility, the system can calculate key indicators such as costs, sales/ services, and profits, toward helping you determine which channel gives the most beneficial result.


Record purposes are not left out. Your establishment needs records of its daily activities for financial and regulatory purposes, and for ascertaining the causes of problems towards taking corrective measure.


Computing enables the firm to store the needed documents as well as revisit histories, communication records, and operational data. The trick to exploiting this recording capability is organizing the data and using the system to process and present it as useful historical information. Opinion You can use such information to prepare cost estimates and forecasts, and to analyse how your actions affected the key indicators of the firm.


Even in our virtually every day private lives and activities, computing or IT has apparently become inevitable. This is to say that the mechanism embedded in the said technology is presently needed in all sectors of human endeavour.


In spite of the astonishing positive role of computing in various formal settings, as well as our individual lives, it’s very ridiculous that several establishments or parastatals across the Nigerian society are yet to embrace the routine.


To this end, governments at all levels and other relevant stakeholders are expected to make investors and public servants see the services of computing as priority with a view to embracing a society where every activity would be done with ease, and in an orderly manner.


Existing entities and individuals must be made to fully acknowledge that computing is gradually overtaking the ancient use of manual gadgets especially in the areas of research, networking, finances and what have you. Hence, it’s high time it is duly inculcated in all our professional doings.


However, though the roles of computing in office works can’t be overemphasized, it’s worth noting that a wrong use or application of it can cost the user an untold loss.


Thus, every establishment enjoying the services must endeavour to regularly consult professionals as well as train its staff on various computer/ IT skills. The impact of computing on the present days’ society remains inevitable, but its wrong use ought to be avoided at all cost towards averting imbroglio that might result in colossal crisis.


It suffices to say that computing has come to stay, hence cannot be possibly overlooked. The users are however expected to handle the tool with optimum diligence. Think about it!


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