Illegal fishing: EU to assist Nigeria, others

The European Union is to provide fund to crack down on illegal fishing in Nigeria, Benin and other West African coast. It was gathered that European countries import about $953.71 million of fish products legally each year from countries in West Africa based on quotas.

West Africa has some of the richest waters in the world, which have long been fished by local boats. However, stocks are being depleted as industrial trawlers, some of which are operating illegally comb the oceans from the seabed to the surface. Meanwhile, authorities in the region have detained eight Chinese vessels for fishing illegally and the boat owners could be subject ed to millions of dollars in fines.

According to an environmental group, Greenpeace, the vessels were found violating regulations on catching protected fish and using nets with small holes to facilitate bigger hauls. The arrest was effected after a twomonth of regional patrol by local inspectors from West African countries on a Greenpeace ship.

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