Insecurity threatens education, agriculture, says Alozie

In this interview with OLA JAMES, US-based Political Strategist, Social Commentator and the Director General of Campaign Stream, Mr. Alozie Alozie, addresses the current security issues and their impact on education and agriculture


What is your assessment of security in the country right now?


Honestly, the security situation in the country is a bit worrisome and a cause for a great concern. It’s time for Nigerians to come together as we look for a lasting solution to this very terrible situation.


How do you react to some remarks of some governors in this regard?


It’s quite heartbreaking that some governors are playing politics with situations that are seriously eating away the fabrics of our dear great nation. Very disappointing that some are making provocative remarks instead of seeking solutions to the problem.


What impact would this insecurity have on education and agriculture?’


Insecurity has very bad effects on all aspects of human endeavours just not education or agriculture. In the area of agriculture, can you imagine how many parents would feel about sending their children to school after the attacks on such schools particularly in the North?


First, it was Government Girls College, Chibok, followed by the one at Dapchi, where about 350 students were kidnapped and later the Kankara, in Katsina State where about 344 boys were abducted and the recent one in Kangara Niger State. There is no gain-saying that where security fails, life in its totality fails as well. For instance, farmers would be unable to go to farms and it would have a huge impact on food supply to the over 200 million Nigerians. This is the more reason why the issue of security should be the business and concern of all.


How do you see the recent visit of Ohanaeze’s leadership to Orlu, in Imo State after the recent security incident?


I want to commend the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof George Obiozor and the Secretary General of the apex Igbo organization for their visit to Orlu, Imo State to get firsthand information regarding the news that broke out last week of jets belonging to the Nigerian Air force bombing the area.


You will recall that the apex Igbo body also visited the traditional ruler of amaifeke Orlu, HRH Eze Emma Okeke, hence I want all Igbos sons and daughters to rally round the new leadership of Ohanaeze so that collectively the interest of the region can be achieved. The new leadership of Ohanaeze has shown that they are ready to work for the development of the Igbo nation. By moving very fast to ascertain the true state of things in Orlu, Prof George Obiozor has shown that he is ready for the task  ahead. I call on all Igbo sons and daughters to throw their support behind the new leadership. While I must also say that it is very wrong for the military to bomb civilian areas when it is not in fighting any war with those in that area, it is important that members of IPOB and ESN come together to have a round table with the new leadership of Ohanaeze. Presently, the report from the leaders of Ohanaeze is that Orlu is peaceful and calm, there is no way they will lie to their people. Personally, apart from what we are seeing on social media, reports coming in have sounded different. It is very wrong for the military to go and bomb a civilian population and the Nigerian military which happens to be one of the best when it comes to their human rights record will hardly engage in such. By and large, I want to call on members of IPOB and ESN to come together and present their agitations to the new leadership of Ohanaeze because we cannot achieve success and development in Igboland by being divided as a people.

What is your view about the Eastern Security Network at this critical moment of our history?


On the issue of the Eastern Security Network, I want to say that while it is important for every region to have their own security outfit due to the rising insecurity in the country, such outfits must be backed by law. When we talk about restructuring of Nigeria, it is because of issues like this, governors must become the chief security officers of their states not just on paper but in reality.


It is morally right for every region to have their own security outfit but such must be backed by law. In the South- West, Amotekun is backed by law and it is the same with the Hisbah in some states in the North. I called on our Igbo leaders to also move to establish such in the South-East, it is the vacuum that has led to the creation of ESN by Nnamdi Kanu.


Do you think these kidnappers are bandits or terrorists?


Honestly they are simply anything negative, and without any human feelings. I believe they are bandits, terrorists and more. This is because they kidnap in order to raise funds for weapons to carry out their nefarious activities. It’s very worrisome that their activities are almost bringing our great nation to halt hence people can no longer move about their normal businesses freely Nigerians now live in fear and anxiety.


What is the  solution?


Solution comes in various forms, first of all is the need for sincerity of purpose among our leaders. There must also be holistic review of some of the main issues affecting the various regions of Nigeria. We need to have a roundtable dialogue of major stakeholders to achieve this. Patriotism and total commitment of leaders, security chiefs, law enforcement officers and every Nigerian are also vital points. It’s actually against humanity for an body to cash in on issues of security and we should all should remind ourselves that there is actually a judgment day for every man


How should Nigerians prepare for 2023 polls?


To me I believe that events of the day are preparing Nigerians for 2023 and my advice is that we Nigerians should never lose hope nor give up because I still have hope and believe in a better and greater Nigeria 2023 provides a very strong opportunity for Nigeria to right all her wrongs and back on track


The youth should be more involved and participate more. Those of voting age should endeavour to get their voters cards and make sure they vote during elections I believe with the level of political awareness today that things naturally would be a bit different positively come 2023


Do you feel PDP is giving the right opposition right now?


Well the truth is the present political atmosphere in Nigeria does not allow for robust opposition as it did during the era of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or in other well established countries of the world. Therefore given the circumstances here, I think PDP is doing her best

Is the South-East ready to produce the President in 2023?


Very ready. I am very sure that the South- East is ready to produce a President come 2023 however, it’s not just for a zone to be ready rather, there are other very key issues and components that come into play for a country’s president to emerge.


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