Jehovah’s Witnesses stress need to strengthen faith in God

In view of current distressing challenges facing humans across the globe, Jehovah’s Witnesses have stressed the need for all humans to strengthen their faith in God and His promises not only because their faith would be tested but also that their prospect for everlasting life depends on having strong faith.


The assembly conducted through zoom throughout Nigeria discussed how studying Bible prophecies, acquiring Holy Spirit and imitating Jehovah the creator and His son Jesus Christ can help in making the faith of the Christians very firm to the end.

Speaking at the 2022 Circuit Assembly titled “Strengthen Your Faith” based on Hebrew 10:39, which says “…We are the sort who have faith for the preserving of our lives,” one of the ministers, Mr. Sherman Williams, said that generally faith, which refers to complete trust in Jehovah, is gradually waning today.


Itemising why faith is crucial and must be strengthened, he said: “Faith helps us to remain joyful in the face of distress; helps to avoid stumbling, to avoid undue attachment to materialism, trusting that God will provide our needs, helps to endure tribulations as well as resist temptations.”

Quoting Hebrew 12:3, Williams said the entire world needs to study the Bible, and consider closely exemplary servants of God, especially Jesus Christ, “who endured hostile speech from sinners…so that Christians will not give up in their faith…but draw closer to God and Jesus, because a life of integrity brings glory to God and proves the Devil the filthy liar he truly is.”


In a four-part symposium, four speakers stressed how faith is vital in the preaching work, importance of patience, persuasiveness in building children’s faith and how to support fellow believers with positive speech that can rekindle their faith and trust in God.

In the final part of the assembly, Mr. Lowel Taylor, another speaker who addressed the topic: “Look Intently at the Chief Agent and Perfecter of Our Faith,” said mankind is facing “challenges in so many ways, like a raging storm against our lives, but we can learn from Jesus, our savior.”


Quoting Hebrew 12:2, which explains the faithful life of Jesus, Taylor said because of the joy ahead of him, he endured persecution and humiliating death, despising shame, but was consequently resurrected to heaven to sit at the right hand of God.”


He said in his current role as High Priest, Jesus, whom the Bible described as the chief agent of salvation, and had once lived on earth with a grasp of human frailties, can strengthen the faith of Christians to grow stronger under such circumstances as “loss of loved ones in death, when pressured to compromise our faith, when we commit any sin and when we have doubts.”

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