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Kcee, E-money: Lines gradually fading in style sense

Luxury, classy, flashy and savvy fashion are the daily lifestyle of these music influential celebrity siblings, Emeka Okonkwo and Kinsley Okonkwo. For E-money and Kcee, the cliché that says ‘being rich does not always translate to being stylish’ does not count.


In the case of these wealthy duo, money buys the best fashion and the best swag to go with it. Every time they have a reason to step out, they make their fashion count.


The most interesting thing about Kcee and E-money is their love for similar style. Its like there is a connection in a part of their soul that interprets fashion. It is rare to see siblings who are not twins have similar sense of style.


There are several similarities than differences in their lifestyle. Going by several posts on their individual social media handles, their looks are getting more similar.


Same haircut, same beard shape, similar body weight and so on. It may be mere coincidence, but other times, it seems the duo are making great effort to look the same.


Whether it is to confuse stalkers, make it difficult for fans to tell who is who or just for fun, they are effortlessly achieving the goal.


These Five Star music label bosses are both in love with gold accessories.


Though they are similar in many features, they have slight difference in their personal style. Just like Kcee loves the hip hop style, E-money loves to strike the ‘Million dollar’ look in flashy agbada. Kcee is rarely seen wearing agbada which comes easy for E-money.


On the other hand, Emoney does not do the straight casual style. There must be a little formal twist to his casual look.


From the photos splashed, you can draw your conclusions on how similar or different they are. But one thing that cannot be taken from them is that their flamboyant fashion is always the center of attraction wherever they show up.


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