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Korede Bello, ‘the sexiest man alive’

Nigeria’s singer and song writer, Korede Bello music shot him to fame. Now his good looks are creating another attraction to his brand. He was recently declared ‘The Sexiest Man alive’ by Africa’s savvy ‘Man Magazine’ and its left for you to take it or leave it. The photoshoots and the behind the scenes have kept his fans entertained on social media.



In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, Mr Romantic reveals special qualities about him that keeps ladies mesmerized.



Before reading mass communication, did you dream you would go into broadcasting or become a proper journalist?


I didn’t have any ambitions to become a proper journalist because I was okay with being an improper journalist. I’m already a broadcaster of music and a mass communicator of good vibrations and good music. I’m fine with that so, I think I prefer being an improper journalist instead. I don’t have to follow anyone’s house style haha. Although I do hope to run a creative media agency in the near future.


The song ‘I love Naija’ made you very popular among young people. You performed at schools events. Obviously the fame now gave you a lot of money, but truthful, the fame you enjoyed back then and the one you enjoy now which warms your heart more?



I don’t think its fair to ask ‘either or’ because they’re both platforms of service. I am currently serving on a greater platform and I’m grateful for all the platforms before this, great and small. It warms my heart to make new connection with people through my music or artistic expressions.



10 years after that song, would you still sing you love Naija again?



I would. Over and over again. I believe that if you really want to change something you have to love it first. You can’t hate someone into changing, only love can do that. I have another patriotic song on the way, it speaks about being the change you want to see in Nigeria.


To many young girls, you are the sexist man alive, how often do you get such complement and is the too much advances from ladies border you or you enjoy it?



I love all my fans so I guess you can say I enjoy it. I love women and it feels good to be loved by them. Young and old, I love them all the same. I believe all women are phenomenal and should be celebrated everyday.



Do you see yourself as an Alfa male or just another romantic young man?



I’m a gentleman, the kind that knows how to please a woman and do right by her. It’s what you do that defines you not what you label yourself as. So I implore all men to know the difference between an alpha male and toxic masculinity.



What first got you into music?



Earlier on in my formative years, I got exposed to the joy that music and entertainment brings and can bring to the people around me.


Subconsciously, I desired to be one of the mediums for which people feel such emotions. So I think the desire came before the awareness of the gift. Destiny always plants a desire in you



How would you describe the music that you typically create?



Nobody creates music, music unveils itself. We are just mediums for them to come alive. The music I give life to depends on my state of mind or state of the heart. But generally, my intention is to be a medium of Joy and Hope.


What song are you currently, obsessed with?


Orire by Korede Bello. You heard that first here



How do you react to criticism?



It depends on what type of criticism and from whom. Some of what we call criticism is just hate in disguise. Or lack of love for themselves. I take criticism from people who love me or are close to me seriously. If it’s not constructive it’s destructive and that’s in the realm of evil. I pay no attention to that kind of energy     



  What is the biggest misconception about you?



That I’m not a billionaire in dollars terms. People think I’m only a billionaire in naira and that’s just absurd.



Do you like lovemaking or aggressive sex?



Lovemaking definitely, aggressive sex is over-hyped and often unenjoyable for the woman. Giving and taking pleasure ought to be the raison d’etre of sex for both parties.

Do you believe in love at first sight?



Depends on your definition of love. Love is not what you see or feel. Love is what You Do. So if you meet someone for the first time and you or the person performs an act love then maybe we can call that Love at first sight. 



Briefs, boxers or you fly solo?



Briefs or boxers depending on the level of activity for the day, and the outfit choice as well. Comfort down there always drives the choice anyway.



  Have you ever been heartbroken? 



I have been heartbroken in a relationship but not dumped.


Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?



I’ve performed in almost all continents on earth. Asides; South, America, Antarctica and Oceania which are inaccessible I think. For me, performances have little to do with the venue and more to do with the energy in the venue, the fans. I’ve always enjoyed all my performances in the Francophone regions. Majority of them don’t speak English but will sing all the songs back to back while you’re performing. That is an experience that money can’t buy. Connecting people, with music.



   Do you have any upcoming shows?


I was supposed to be on tour but COVID-19 struck. We’re looking forward to a lasting solution to this pandemic.



What is your favourite song to perform?



‘Romantic’ and maybe ‘Godwin’



Which famous musicians do you admire?



Micheal Jackson and 2baba



How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?



It has democratised the industry. There is no more monopoly of media attention. If you have a good song (product) and know how to market yourself (publicity) all you need is good internet and a good enough phone. The cheaper internet gets the more creative expressions we would get to experience in Nigeria. There is a silent but unstoppable revolution going in the music industry globally, all that’s left now is for artistes to be more business inclined and less dependent traditional structures to succeed. A good combination of talent, drive, music education and grace would take you there and humility would keep you there.




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