Let’s salvage Nigeria’s economy via technology


he last time I checked, it was only a toddler that remained ignorant of the current dwindling economy of the acclaimed giant of Africa, hence this analysis.



The current Nigeria’s economic value likewise that of other developing nations is arguably in a very bad mood, thus requires a holistic approach towards salvaging it. However, it’s pertinent to acknowledge that the recommended approach cannot be successfully applied if we fail to employ technology.



This implies that technology and allied factors remain inevitable in a bid to salvaging the country’s economic posture that bears a glaring pathetic physiognomy that even the blind could see.



Development at any phase is always linked with technology, and technology takes place when there’s advancement in science. In other words, science, technology and development are all proportional to each other. Development is required in every individual as well as nation, in all aspects.



And for development to occur, science and technology must go hand-in-hand. Science is known as the study of knowledge which is made into a system, and depends on analyzing and comprehending facts. Technology is the application of this scientific knowledge.



For any successful economy, particularly in present times, science and technology are the rudimentary requisites. If any nation fails to utilize these, then the chances of getting itself developed becomes minimal.



Technology is associated in all means with modernity and it’s an essential tool for rapid development. Hence, any country that’s not able to prosper in this regard would never be able to sustain the lives within its jurisdiction, and may have to solely depend on other countries for survival.



It’s estimated by the World Bank that seven of the 10 largest economies of the world by 2020 would be in Asia – including Japan, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. A few decades ago, these countries were known to have poor policies, low discipline and no advancement.



But with an effective introduction of technology, they have succeeded in making waves all over the world. Nigeria obviously needs to emulate them. Rather than begging them to come over and help us develop Nigeria, let’s ascertain how they made it to the top, so we can apply same techniques without seeking for their assistance since we have all it takes to perform independently.



The truth is that, the required manpower and resources are abound in this country. What the government needs to do is to recognize the needed labour-force, and the available resources. Second, we must be prepared to devote reasonable commitment, which is a product of time; this is where political will comes in. You must be willing to sacrifice your time and energy to a cause you believe in, if you really want it to become an absolute success.



Nigeria has hitherto been taken aback by her leaders. If not, this country would have gone several steps ahead of where it is today. If the government must do the right thing as expected, it has to revive all moribund technical colleges across the country, resuscitate the ongoing Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), adequately equip all the science-oriented departments in institutions of higher learning, as well as take teachers’ wages very seriously.



These are the fundamental ways the country’s education sector can be strengthened. The health sector, which is awash with outdated facilities, must equally be liberated by providing befitting structures and equipment that can stand the test of time.



Moreover, Nigeria lacks an industry where science and technology can thrive, thus she needs to create one by setting up an enabling environment that can accommodate every professional irrespective of their field.



Owing to lack of such environment, the country loses hundreds of talents on a daily basis via brain drain. The government must be willing to assist anyone who has an idea, and not to abandon him/her to rot. A reliable agency that can listen to people’s ideas and channel them to apt quarters ought to be set up by the governments at all levels.



For urgency’s sake, we must embrace the agric sector through implementation of mechanized farming instead of the ongoing crude pattern. As regards the mining sector, the concerned authority must extend hand of fellowship to the cognoscenti whom must be indigenous, towards acquiring efficient output.



The power sector cannot be addressed if we fail to supplement the existing hydro pattern with other available generation sources such as solar, wind, biomass, and coal. This can only be possible by revisiting our tech-driven policies.



The tourism industry can equally be made more viable by inculcating tech measures in the system. Security, on its part, cannot be left out while discussing technology. Lastly, tax evasion can only be properly tackled if we employ adequate forensic techniques.



There’s no how we can solve Nigeria’s numerous economic crises without engaging technology. Even corruption, which remains the bane of our distress, can’t be duly fought if we overlook tech-driven measures and policies.



The above strong assertions fully signify that for us as a people to holistically address any anomaly that remains a hindrance to our economic growth and progress, tech-driven policies and measures must be critically considered.



Hence, now that we are much concerned about what the post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic era would entail, there’s a compelling need for the leadership of the country to henceforth begin thinking seriously on how best we as a nation can duly inculcate technology in the running of our collective economy.



Technology has proven beyond doubts across the globe to be the only way the digital age can move forward or forge ahead amidst numerous challenges, simply because it is the only tool that can reach out to millions of people as well as seamlessly perform a certain work within a shortest time-frame.



At this juncture, it is preposterous to further enlighten those who are still ignorant that technology remains the only tool that can overnight transform the economic state of any existing nation across the global community, hence needless to procrastinate its application in all sectors of the Nigeria’s economy.



If you are still sceptical that technology can fix the country’s dwindling economy, then you’re still asleep and need to be awake soonest. Think about it!




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