Man butchers lover, sells each part to herbalists, clerics for N1000

Policemen attached to the Inspector- General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) have arrested an herbalist, who killed his lover and sold her body parts to different herbalists, Muslim clerics and pastors for ritual at the rate of N1000 per part.

The policemen led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Abba Kyari, have arrested 13 herbalists so far involved the butchering and selling of the victim’s body parts, while so many others are still at large. Our reporter gathered that the tracking and eventual arrest of the suspects in different parts of Ogun State wouldn’t have been possible, if not for the active participation of the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson and his men in the investigation, which stretched into weeks. The prime suspect, Segun Olaniyi, claimed that the victim, Abosede Iyada, was his lover.

He also admitted orchestrating her murder for money-making ritual. The policemen launched investigation into the case on November 15 following a letter of complaint from Abosede’s parents, Mr and Mrs Segun Adeyemi, residing at Plot 2 Adio Idris Close, Oke Oko in Ifo Local Government Area.

The complaint was lodged at the IRT office, Ogun State annex. According to the distraught parents, Abosede, who was married and had a child left her husband’s house in the morning of that fateful day to visit Olaniyi popularly known as “Agba Isegun,”a native doctor at Ifo area.

Thereafter, Abosede’s whereabouts were unknown. Attempts to call her phone were abortive as it remained permanently switched off. After the policemen launched investigation into the disappearance of the woman, they started tracking her phone and that of Olaniyi. Olaniyi was tracked and arrested in Abeokuta area of Ogun State. During interrogation, he claimed that he and Abosede were lovers, that she came to visit him on November 15, but that on arrival at his place, he and his friends, Fagbon and AY, who were desperately in need of money, abducted and took her to a secluded area, where they butchered her and sold her body parts to interested buyers within Ogun and Lagos states.

It was gathered that following Olaniyi’s confessions, the policemen moved to Abeokuta and different villages like Ifo, Itori, Papalanto and Adigbe area where 11 suspects were arrested. Among those arrested, eight confessed to kidnapping and killing and buying of the body parts of the victim.

The number of those arrested soon increased to 13. A source said: “Abosede and the prime suspect were secondary school lovers. They later parted ways and married other spouses. We understand that Abosede had been having series of problems with her husband, who is a commercial motorcycle rider. Somehow, she reconnected with Olaniyi, who is now an herbalist. This reconnection with Olaniyi came after 15 years. Olaniyi, the herbalist, was perceived as being rich.

He used to give the deceased N2000 every day. She soon started going to visit him and soon, both of them started sleeping together. She would tell her husband that she was going to work, but would go to the suspect’s place. “She had earlier told the suspect to help her to become wealthy. So on that fateful day she came, Olaniyi told her to go to the stream with his two friends to strip and wash her hair. She went with them, they held her down inside the stream and stabbed her to death. They then brought her out and deboned her before selling her flesh.

One of the herbalists arrested told us that Olaniyi used charm placed on his tongue to speak to the victim, which made her to obey and do whatever he asked her to do.” Those arrested in connection with the killing and buying of Abosede’s body parts are; Segun Olaniyi (42), Ayodemeji Adileye (25) aka AY, also known as human being butcher, Babalola Akanbi (48), Adeifa Sogbeyinde (37), Rasaq Arabs (27), Sunday Akinyemi (41), Adewole Olwafemi (38) aka Pastor, Mustapha Ajibola (31) aka Alfa, Mustapha Iliya (30), Shilola Amodu (38) aka Alfa, Jamiu Abass (25) , Smooth Kazeem (37) aka Alfa and Adesola Oduyemi (56). The policemen recovered substances confessed by the suspects to be burnt human parts of Abosede. Some of the substances were in powdery and liquid forms. According to the suspects, it was Olaniyi that invited friends to come and slaughter his childhood sweetheart, who was married to another man. Our reporter gathered that on the fateful day that Abosede was murdered, she got to Olaniyi’s office, which was his shrine tired. Olaniyi had instructed a friend to go and buy food for the tired woman. Olaniyi put drug in the food, which made her weak and sleepy. Olaniyi later told her to go to the stream, by the side of his shrine, to strip and wash her hair.

He told his friends, Ayo and Akambi, to escort her to the stream for the spiritual bath. While she was washing her hair, Ayo pushed her head into the water and held her down; he then brought out a knife from his pocket and stabbed her to death. She was then carried out of the stream and laid on a dry ground.

It was right there on the ground, that Ayo, the human butcher, allegedly deboned her and sliced the flesh into tiny pieces for sale. A police source said: “They sold her head, bones and flesh to Alfas, pastors and others, who wanted to do money ritual.

The parts that were not needed for the ritual were roasted and the suspects ate them and drank spirit “to wash them down”. The IRT operatives recovered decomposed human breast, burnt human flesh mixed with liquid substance in a bottle and calabash.

One complete human foot, pieces of dry human skull, one Laura SUV with registration number KTU801Fp, one Bajaj Boxer motorcycle, marked JGB019VC, one unregistered Toyota Corolla and one Toyota Matrix marked AKD703FU, were also recovered.” Olaniyi, who said that he was from Osun State, explained that he dropped out of school when he was in primary five.

He is married to two women and has four childern. He said: “I’m a native doctor. I learnt welding work before I became a native doctor. It was at the back of Ojoba, Abule Egba area of Lagos, in the house of one native doctor, Dr. Iyawonu, that I learnt how to become a native doctor. I talk to oracle to give me solution to my customers’ health challenge

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