Mayhem in Enugu over alleged medical negligence, murder of 68- year-old man

An Enugu State-based medical doctor, Dr. Charlse Nwangwu is currently fighting the battle of his life over allegation of medical negligence and murder. The medical doctor who is about 70 years, was arrested alongside his support staff by a crack team of operatives from the Inspector General of Police tactical squad for the alleged murder of Mr Jonathan Ugwuanyi in his hospital.

ln a petition captioned ‘Petition Against the Management of Mount Zion Medical Center 9th Mile Ngwo, Enugu for Medical Negligence and murder of Mr Jonathan Ugwuanyi’, addressed to the Inspector General of police Adamu Mohammed, written by Umahi and Associates, the petitioner alleged that his father was killed out of negilegence .

The petition reads in parts, “We were informed by our “client” that on or before May 20th, 2020, Mr Jonathan Ugwuanyi now late, after a bussiness meeting at 9th Mile corner, presented himself at Mount Zion Medical Center, 9th mile corner Ngwo, Enugu, with mild symptoms of loss of appetite, weakness and fever.

Around 9.20 pm, almost 12 hours after, and with further phone calls, a nurse on duty at the clinic confirmed that he has not been seen by any doctor while the owner of the hospital, who had been communicated was nowhere to be found to either review the patient or to refer him to another hospital.

At about 6am the next morning one Dr. Ngwu, who introduced himself as the director of Mount Zion Medical Center informed the first son of the diseased, Dr. Uchenna Ugwuanyi who is also a medical doctor, that they lost Mr Jonathan Ugwuanyi.

“When the son of the diseased rushed to the hospital, he was privileged to see the patient folder of his late father, which showed that he was administered with anthypertensive over dose. He said the file also showed that he was given three over doses of antihypertensive within short interval and by 3.45 am, he was given 20mg of parenteral hydralazine rush, which was the last and very potent vasodilator that allegedly killed him immediately after the act. Preliminary investigations showed that there was no indication for the use of the drugs ‘ab initio’ and in cases where there’s indication, it is usually given by a trained medical personnel because of the danger of its side effects. He disclosed that in the case of the late Ugwuanyi, the over dose medication was given by auxiliary nurses. Unfortunately, he was given the injection and immediately he was given the last and very potent vasodilator, it allegedly ended his life.

From the information in the folder it was also shown that other antihypertensive drugs in addition to the hydralazine over dose were given to him. It was also shown that the said Dr. Ngwu didn’t review the patient after about 12 hours after admission. Instead, he was managing the patient on phone through the auxiliary nurses. When contacted on phone Dr. Ngwu who has been helping the police in their investigations, told this correpondent when asked if he was aware of the petition, said: “They are mad; Don’t mind them. The matter is being handled.”

When asked how the matter was being handled, he responded that It was being handled. “But is it true you took the folder of the diseased to your house?” He said, “Mind what you write.”
When told:”Pease, tell us briefly what happened,” Dr. Ngwu said, “Oh, there is no need; there is no need.”
Subsequently, he switched off his telephone. The New Telegraph gathered that it was on the strength of this provocation that the family of the late Mr. Ugwuanyi petitioned the office of the Inspector General of Police to investigate the case of gross medical negligence and the alleged murder of their late father.

A nurse in the hospital who administered these drugs told the press emphatically in confidence that she was working on the instruction of the owner of the hospital, Dr Ngwu.
As the late Mr. Ugwuanyi’s family seeks justice, they have asked for appropriate legal action. This is particularly because the lives of thousands of people might have had such unfortunate experience, or many who may one day be faced with similar ordeal in hospitals be saved from untimely death arising from quackery and untrained personnel so as to serve as deterrent to others and as well restore the dignity of the medical profession.

There was also a mild drama when the IG detectives stormed the hospital at the weekend; everybody in the hospital including the nurses, took to their heels. When the doctor was eventually arrested, tongues started wagging. Some residents described the arrest as well deserved.

“Oga, this is the best thing that has ever happened to the people of this area. People die like fowl here and the worst thing is that the owner of Mount Zion Medical Center doesn’t stay in the office.”

Another woman who sells fowls in front of the facility, said, “Please, don’t allow this evil man return here. If it is true he is a medical doctor let him prove it.”
She said the rate at which people die here calls for proper investigation. It is worthy to state that when the police demanded for the folder of the diseased, he told them that it was in his house at Gulf Estate, GRA Enugu from where it was later retrieved by the police.

Following this development, the son of the diseased, the medical doctor said he took snap shots of the content of the folder when he got to the hospital immediately he received the news about his father’s death. He said, “I took time to ensure that no room was given for excuses; I knew he would likely doctor the folder, and this has manifested. “Why would he take my late father’s folder to his house if he had no secret intentions?.” l spoke with my father who walked to the hospital himself .”

He could not have been dead if the acclaimed doctor was in the hospital to obtain history and manage his patient whom he said is a known well controlled hypertensive and have been stable for years without any crisis, but the doctor was more interested in the patient’s money; he’s using auxiliary nurses to admit and manage patients in his absence, which is against medical ethics.
The doctor took history of the patient from untrained nurses and made prescription in that regard.
My late father presented with blood pressure of 150/50 mm Hg, the cause of why he presented was not managed. Instead, he was overloaded with antihypertensives.
The son of the diseased, while in tears, told newsmen that he made every effort to speak with the doctor on phone, but he refused to take his calls, and claimed to be busy, adding that they were managing my father well.
“He killed my father and took away his folder to alter the information contained there, but the early police intervention prevented him from altering the information. Justice will really vindicate the just,” he lamented.
When contacted for confirmation, the Police Public Relations Officer, Enugu State Police Command said he was not in Enugu and was driving on a very bad road.

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