Mbaka’s ‘prophecy’ and our hypocrisy




y fervent criticisms, Nigerians have conferred “undue” influence on Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), in Enugu, Enugu State.



We’ve elevated him to a position of “he’s in regular contacts” with President Muhammadu Buhari, such that the authorities “reveal its secret plans” to him, to “legitimize” them via “prophecies.”



The latest in the said “alliance” between the government and Fr Mbaka was for him to “predict” the Supreme Court judgement on the appeals from the March 9, 2019, polls in Imo State.

Indeed, Fr Mbaka had caused a stir in December 2019 when he predicted that a new governor would take over power in the state from the government of Mr. Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Many Nigerians, chiefly aides and supporters of Governor Ihedioha, members of the opposition and critical voices dominating the social media, didn’t give the prediction any credibility.


Due to his controversial persona, critics off-handedly dismissed the forecast as the antic of an avaricious megalomaniac, which appears to define his “prophecies,” especially on political matters.


To the sceptics, the “Spirit” to hear from, listen to, speak with or relay God’s message(s) to the people, as “prophets” are wont to do, had departed from Fr Mbaka.

The doubters got the backing of another “prophesying” cleric, Primate Elijah Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, in Lagos, who labelled Mbaka’s predictions as monetized.


Rebuking his prediction on the Imo governorship, Primate Ayodele said: “Father Mbaka isn’t a Prophet, he only prophesied because of money. All Fr Mbaka does is guess work, in order to get attention from politicians.

“Before Imo State election, Fr Mbaka predicted that APC will win it, but they failed. He was quiet until he’s now induced to influence the outcome of the Supreme Court judgement in favour of the APC.”


However, Primate Ayodele said “God has shown” him that Governor Ihedioha would retain his seat, an assertion that Fr Mbaka debunked, and iterated his “troubling” forecast on the Imo governorship saga.


On a January 12 church service, he reinforced his December declaration, urging Governor Ihedioha to prepare to leave office, as the Holy Spirit had rejected him, and “a new hope, with a new flag” would take over from him.


“Even though Ihedioha has won in a tribunal and at the Appeal Court, that doesn’t mean that he will triumph in (the) Supreme Court. Enough of all this brouhaha… Those who are attacking the message are just casting Pearl before swine. (The) Holy Spirit has said it, and that is final.”


With hours to the Supreme Court ruling on Ihedioha’s election that had succeeded at the Tribunal and Appeal Court, Mbaka’s “tone of finality” for the enthronement of Senator Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) infuriated many Nigerians.

The “anger” was intense in Imo, where the change of baton at the 2019 poll “was well-received by the people,” who “have given overwhelming supports to Governor Ihedioha.”


So, countdown to the Supreme Court verdict, “the prayer of most Imolites,” and critics of Fr Mbaka was for his “prophecy” to fail, and be shamed. But as the cleric hit the bull’s eye, his enraged critics resorted to peddling “conspiracy theories” about being used by the authorities to validate a “concocted” judgement.


The allegations: Fr Mbaka was privy to the plan to “rob” Ihedioha to “pay” Uzodinma; he “hacked” the Supreme Court verdict; he “job-nobs” with politicians; and he’s a fake prophet, used to “explain away” the APC plan at the Supreme Court.

Others questioned Fr Mbaka’s prediction, as a product of first-hand knowledge, thus: “No prophecy or vision can be more accurate than ‘privileged information,'” and “The accuracy of the prophecy, the intensity (as in repeated words) and the Confidence in delivery…” were unrivalled.



But we seem to forget that Fr Mbaka’s “prediction” for Uzodinma preceded his recent forecast on the issue. Recall that at a bazaar in 2018, he vowed that the senator would win the poll in 2019.


Possibly, this claim was overshadowed by Fr Mbaka’s “verdict” on the presidential candidate and running mate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr. Peter Obi.


Obi and Uzodinma were at the ceremony, seeking divine intervention at the 2019 polls. For this, Fr. Mbaka asked the political fortune seekers to publicly “sow big seeds” for God’s blessings.


When it came to Mr. Obi’s turn, he said he wouldn’t make his “donation” public, but gave the traditional offering. The baiting by an obviously unimpressed Fr. Mbaka failed to change Obi’s mind.


And there and then, he declared that: Atiku and Obi would “end up in shame” in their bid to upstage President Buhari, who was seeking re-election. And the “prediction” came true!

When Fr. Mbaka asked Uzodinma to sow his seed, he did so with N2 million. Though it fell below his goal, the cleric “prophesied” that the senator would be Imo’s governor. And that has come to pass!


The poser: Had Mbaka’s prediction on the Imo governorship contest, and its litigation faltered, especially at the Supreme Court, wouldn’t his critics declare him a “fake prophet”?


Wasn’t that what they’re waiting, hoping and praying for, so as to serve as the final nail in his coffin of “numerous” predictions that were off the mark over the years?


Why scapegoating the priest, who’s not a government official or a Justice of the Supreme Court? It’s sheer hypocrisy! We’re ready to gloat had his prediction blown in his face. Yet, we couldn’t praise but criticize him for his “accurate” verdict on Imo.


There’s no duress for one to believe in Fr Mbaka’s “prophecies.” It’s a matter of faith. As Italian theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, posits: “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” Please, give me a break!


Last line: Re: ‘Buhari: Let’s build on Dasuki, Sowore momentum’


  My attention has been drawn to the following: That contrary to assertions in the Monday, January 13, 2020, article on the above subject: *El-Zakzaky and his wife have been in court-ordered custody in Kaduna since 2018, facing an eight-count charge. * Against court order to be kept in prison, they opted for a DSS safe house. * It was a Kaduna High Court that granted them medical leave to India. * In December 2019, they were transferred to the Kaduna Correctional Centre, pending conclusion of their trial.


I take responsibility for the article, which wasn’t intended to misinform or mislead the public, or “impeach the custody of the detainees, the jurisdiction of the cases or the charges preferred against them, which they have the onus to disprove in court.”

Rather, it’s to advocate that, as the government had released Dasuki and Sowore, it should extend the gesture to “El-Zakzaky, his wife, Zeenat, and Jalingo.” I regret any mix-ups in the article.

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