Money talks: Easter holiday on a budget

This edition, we will explore how to enjoy a fabulous holiday in a harsh economy. Sounds crazy right?

While your first instinct in these climes would be to scrooge on whatever naira is indeed coming in, remember that taking time off to relax is equally as important.

You can gain much more than you would loose from a holiday because you will refresh and reboot as well as relax enough to face whatever comes after.

Recreation and relaxation are so important to your health and eases your blood pressure which if not checked with all the financial pressure and stress, may kill you.

It is not called the silent killer for nothing, it will not warn you. So, take time off, travel, change your environment and rejuvenate to save your life.

Here is a simple tip on how to manage it: Calculate how much you would need for the holiday (transport, hotel, food, recreation and shopping).

Divide the amount by 12 and you can set aside that amount monthly until your set time of holiday. Remember to give yourself 12 months to set the money aside. this way, it is a little easier on your pocket.

There you go, now you have little or no reason not to factor in fun and a new experience to your schedule for the year. I just hope you haven’t left it off too late, but you know what they say, “Better late than never”.

So, you could use that money you set aside this Easter to give you and your family a fabulous treat. Or better yet, stay back and take advantage of all the egg hunting parties that are all around you now among friends and churches.

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