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My vision – Forb’s Youngest Jeweler, Godson Umeh

Born and raised in the the United Kingdom, Godson, who says his parents are from Anambra State, Nigeria, is fast becoming a name to reckon with in the luxury world. Recently featured on Forbes as one of the youngest jewellers in the world that creates luxury jewelries from scratch, a gesture he says is an honour, Godson says his parents wanted him to go to the university, read and become a lawyer or a doctor. But at a very young age, the young entrepreneur knew he was cut out for a bigger career. With a growing clientele of famous personalities around the world, from football stars to Hollywood stars, Godson believes he is just starting. In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, the luxury brand designer speaks about his vision to own showroom in the biggest commercial cities in the world before he clocks 30.


First, congratulations on your feature on Forbes, it’s a big bold step, tell us how you felt when they reached out to you because of your work…


That one really hit home. Forbes is massive. I’ve been reading Forbes since my school days and following the stories about the entrepreneurs for inspiration. It is a huge honored to be recorgnised by them.

At 25 years, you are already an established businessman and CEO, what would you say you did differently?


Honestly, I can say that I just never stopped. I have had days when I wanted to give up, but I quickly get over it. Trusting God and believing in yourself is key.


When did you discover you hard a talent in transforming prescious stones into Master piece jewelries?


I have always been a creative thinker and this really helps when it comes to creating unique custom jewellery. In my school days, I used to sell different fashion pieces to friends. I finally established my own business when I turned 19. I have always been a fashion person and my love jewelries is different.


I always felt that an outfit is never complete without jewelries and just like icing on the cake. I picked up my sketch book where I have put down all my jewelry ideas and I began making necessary enquires about bringing them into reality and here we are.


Every young person at some point while growing up had different dreams, like being an astronaut, a doctor and so on, what were your dreams back then? And did your parents wish you would be great in those careers back then?


As the typical Nigerian parents, they wanted be to go to the university to study and become a lawyer or a doctor but I already knew where my career is going.


Where they disappointed when their dream for you didn’t go as planned?


Not really disappointed so to say but they hoped I went to school, finished university, read a course before doing what I am doing now.


Your jewelries look exclusive. You work with all kinds of precious stones like diamonds, like how much is an exclusive piece worth?

I don’t like to disclose my prices. I have very high end clients and I Keep them confidential with clients. I deal with people who money is not an issue, so I share the price with them.

Would you say it’s time consuming to design a master piece jewelry?


It takes time to make a master piece. I always try to follow the demand of my clients until it’s perfect. I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of an outfit.


Whatever you wear, what catches the eye of most people to that outfit are the accessories the rings, necklace, pendants or chains. It


is usually the elite and the influential people that can afford diamond jewelries, did you start this career having to please just the rich at the back of your mind?


From the history of jewelry, it is always the wealthy people that afford luxury jewelries. So when I started I knew the kind of clientele to expect. I had already developed strong relationships with my clients and gained a good reputation through my Private Concierge business, so these people already trusted my work when I fully transitioned into Jewellery full-time.


Aside being a jeweler, what other careers or hobbies would you love to take seriously?


I like to stay fit. Health really is the ultimate wealth, so I like to train in the gym and I enjoy boxing.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, how many girls send you love messages or are in love with you now because of business?


Diamonds seem to be everyone’s best friend! I’m really just focused on my business at the moment, I still have a lot more goals to achieve.


What is your vision before you are 30?


My vision is to have opened showrooms in New York, Dubai and Lagos!. I already have a showroom in London and by the end of the year, I will be opening another one in New York.


Do you think growing up abroad played a big role in helping you discover who you are and your talent?


Of course it played a big role in helping me discover myself. This is a privilege that I am really grateful for and I intend on making the most out of it.


Your name shows you are of Nigerian origin, have you ever been to Nigeria or lived in Nigeria before?


Yes, I am a Nigerian. Both of my parents are from Anambra State. I had plans to make my first trip to Nigeria last year, but this was ruined by the COVID-19 lockdowns. Lagos is my first destination once travel becomes easier.


Did you study or take courses on how to make jewelries in school?


I never studied making jewelry. I am a self taught jeweler. I read and researched about the craft a lot.




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