Name, shame perpetrators of killings in Nigeria, Muslim women challenge FG

…bemoan incessant killings in Nigeria


The Federal Government has been challenged to halt the growing rate of religious and ethnic crises in the country. An organization of Muslim women, AL-MU’MINAAT, which posed this challenge to the government stated that the government officials should to take the bull by the horns and by bringing the perpetrators of the killings to book. Reacting to the recent violent clash in Kasuwan Magani in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State,which claimed over 55 lives, the organization, which gave the charge in a statement, noted that quick and appropriate punishment for sponsors and perpetrators of violence had become necessary in view of the loss of respect for human life and dignity which always manifested in such mayhems.

The statement signed by the Amirah of Abuja zone, Hajia Khadijah Muhammad Awwal read that the negative consequences of such crises for the country in the comity of nations, reminded the government that Nigerians, and, indeed, the whole world, were awaiting the result of investigation into the Kaduna crisis. The Islamic women group stated that it was particularly pained that the Kaduna mayhem had religious undertone, as all religions preach against taking of innocent lives.

“Killing is a crime and a major sin in Islam. The religion kicks against, and even prescribes punishment for, indiscriminate and unjust killing of animals. It is a religion that holds life as sacred. No man is allowed to take the life of a fellow being. Islam abhors terror and violence, especially against women and minors. The position of other religions is similar in these respects.

It is, then, baffling to see people taking lives on the basis of religion,” the group said. It implored religious leaders to be agents of peace by making their followers realise the dangers of religious intolerance. As another election year draws near, the Al-Mu’minnat Organisation called on Nigerians to unite to bring the much-needed development to the country.

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