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NBS: 36 states, FCT’s domestic debts hit N4.19trn

Lagos highest with N493.3bn


Yobe least indebted state with N29.2bn


Total domestic debt stock of 36 states together with Federal Capital Territory (FCT) stood at N4.19 trillion out of Nigeria’s total debt portfolio of N31.01 trillion as of June 2020, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)  confirmed yesterday.


Lagos has the highest debt of N493.3 billion ahead of other states, indicating 11.77% of the debt stock, while Yobe State has the least debt stock of N29,230,547,154.25, representing 0.70%.


Further disaggregation of Nigeria’s total public debt showed that N11.36 trillion or 36.65% of the debt was external while N19.65 trillion or 63.35% of the debt was domestic. According to NBS’ computation, Abia State’s debt stock as of second quarter 2020 stood at N92,806,570,546.03.


The state with a total population of 3,616,382, received total FAAC allocation to tune of N52,039,868,624.86 in 2019 and generated a revenue    sum of N32,291,014,771.52 in 2019. Adamawa’s debt stock stood at N100,599,569,235.97; its FAAC allocation in 2019 was N48,338,702,097.28 and a total IGR of N9,232,405,633.5 and population size of 4,111,706.


Akwa Ibom’s debt stock was N239,209,746,919.94 as Q2 2020, total FAAC allocation in 2019 was N171,975,537,274.47 and total IGR of N32,291,014,771.52 and a population of 5,272,02.


Anambra State’s debt stood at N59,013,845,976.50; FAAC allocation in the sum of N53,893,862,221.01; IGR of N26,369,195,864.89 in 2019 and population strength of 5,356,592.


Bauchi State’s total debt stock stood at N97,933,063,584.67; FAAC allocation total in the sum of N52,357,124,339.87; IGR of N11,696,955,884.75 amid population strength of 6,286,719


The total debt stock of Bayelsa was N150,057,580,348.08; FAAC allocation sum of N140,129,363,936.74; total IGR of N16,342,762,531.98 in 2019 and population size of 2,204,648. Benue has debt stock of N128,504,831,985.51; FAAC allocation of N54,340,296,718.03 in 2019; IGR N17,850,480,389.57 and population size of 5,553,037.



Borno State’s debt stock stood at N90,369,619,974.97; total FAAC allocation of N61,713,490,791.62 in 2019; IGR of N8,175,248,326.42 and population size of 5,635,544. Cross River’s debt stock stood at N165,019,082,432.50, FAAC allocation total stood at N36,312,879,237.96; IGR was N22,597,063,882.55 and population strength of 3,741,838.


Delta’s debt stock stood at N235,860,479,518.82; FAAC allocation sum of N219,282,893,930.70; IGR stood at N64,678,796,991.57 in 2019 and a population size of 5,460,311. Ebonyi’s debt stood at N41,273,963,348.58; FAAC allocation N44,627,158,742.33; IGR for 2019 was N7,455,294,676.59 and population strength of 2,791,167.


Edo’s debt stock during the period under review was N82,916,811,325.65; total FAAC allocation received in 2019 stood at N64,679,690,145.36; IGR was N29,478,406,024.31 and population size of 4,109,499.


Ekiti State’s debt stock stood at N77,072,844,596.55; FAAC allocation of N41,286,185,929.89; IGR N8,546,875,648.24 and population size of 3,157,552. Enugu’s debt stock stood at N62,436,497,337.43; Gombe’s debt stock stood at N90,503,282,526.59; FAAC allocation was N41,019,881,265.47; IGR was N6,803,064,814.10 and population strength of 3,140,18 while Imo State’s debt stock stood at N158,174,623,598.44.


Jigawa State has total debt stock of N36,039,966,666.27; Kaduna State has debt stock of N72,503,331,825.58; Kano’s debt stock stood at N116,999,956,070.87; Katsina’s debt stock stood at N44,416,331,545.82; Kebbi State’s debt stock stood at N67,315,419,254.61; Kogi State has total debt stock of N73,314,904,696.35; Kwara State’s debt stock stood at N63,366,236,320.99; Lagos has the highest debt stock of N493,318,231,673.72; Nassarawa State has a debt profile of N61,299,995,407.54; Niger’s debt stock stood at N65,601,207,473.58.


Ogun State’s debt stock stood at N148,772,734,071.17; Ondo State’s debt stood at N63,677,729,196.02; Osun State’s debt stock stood at N136,125,242,955.06; Oyo State has total debt stock of N99,943,412,785.14; Plateau State’s debt stock stood at N127,012,622,276.11; Rivers’ debt stock stood at N266,936,225,793.65; Sokoto’s debt stock stood at N48,089,793,082.99.


Taraba State has total debt stock of N122,746,246,998.60 as of Q2 2020; Yobe State’s debt stock stood at N29,230,547,154.25; Zamfara’s debt stock stood at N79,286,884,618.37; while the debt stock of FCT stood at N101,949,645,786.10.




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