Nestlé partners logistics firms on products delivery

Nestlé Nigeria Plc, one of the biggest food companies in West Africa, has highlighted the importance of boosting the country’s logistics sector by partnering with companies in Nigeria to ensure prompt delivery of products.     

Speaking while hosting of top logistics companies in Lagos, the Supply Chain Manager at Nestlé Nigeria, Nestor Finalo, said that for over 58 years, Nestlé had been at the forefront of supporting the growth of Nigerian economy through its local sourcing and supplier development initiatives and most importantly providing healthy food to its consumers.

He explained that it was necessary to host and engage logistics companies to share best practices on the company’s core ambition and then to recognise them for the key role they play in the company’s order to cash process.

Particularly, Finalo noted that the company’s main objective was to continuously drive product availability in the marketplace with speed, adding that it needs to create stronger partnerships with its transporters for them to be able to provide optimum services to customers and distributors, on-time and in full.

With this, “we are putting the customers at the center of everything we do.

“Everything we do starts with the customers and shoppers in mind. Ensuring availability and access to our healthy options cannot be achieved without a committed relationship between Nestle and the transporters.

“With this comes the responsibility to sustain all efforts towards ensuring our high-quality products are available for the shoppers to buy and consume across all relevant outlets in the country,” he said.

Participants at the event expressed their satisfaction, commending Nestlé for creating a platform where challenges and issues affecting transporters are addressed with a view to fostering mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its service suppliers.

Sharing his experience of working with Nestlé, Timi Miriki of Fabeto Nigeria Limited said: “I have worked with Nestlé for over 30 years now. One thing I really appreciate the company for is its efforts towards strengthening the relationships with transporters, to provide platforms for development while creating job opportunities, a very critical element in the journey towards a more sustainable economy.

“I am particularly happy that the Transporters’ Day has been brought back because it provides opportunities for us to learn from each other and to understand Nestlé’s direction in order to serve the company better. Yes, it has been 30 years, yet I look forward to working with Nestlé for a long time to come.”

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