New pension deal for police

A new pension deal is in the making for men and officers of the Nigeria Police. This is indicated in the new Police Pension Administration which will make every policeman to collect both his pension and gratuity upon retirement.


An expert on pension matters Amaechi Ikechuckwu made this known also said that the new deal is a win – win for all categories of personnel.


He said: “Before now, the complain had been that policemen were not getting a good deal. So many things were stacked against them which the EndSARS protest has brought to the fore. In this new deal is an improved welfare for the police. It is in the right direction.


“The two low hanging fruits is that there are some people if given the whole world would still do what they would do. The complain that most of them would retire into penury will be a thing of the past as this is what the new contributing pension scheme is set to address.


“In the new deal, upon retirement, they will be entitled to 300 percent of their gratuity.


Policemen from the position of AIG which is a political appointment will go home with the gross of their total emolument, just like permanent secretaries in the civil service. This is with a view to correcting the sense of the things against the police.


There are 22 Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) in the country which cater for all kinds of people. But the Police PFA has policemen and officers as its clientele.”


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