Why Nigerian languages, culture must be revived by Author

An author of Idoma language proverbs, Mrs Oga Enoitse, has advocated for the teaching of local languages and culture to children to prevent them from going into extinction.

She made the advocacy while fielding questions from journalists at the launch of her book titled; “Proverbs and Alphabets of Idoma, Translation and Moral Implications.” She said:”Even the French and German men teach their children their languages. Let’s not let our languages go into extinction, especially the minority languages. “Do not let them get lost. If you can, write books on the languages, pictorial books that will get the children attracted.

Our languages and culture must not be lost.” According to her, she was motivated to write the book because she realised that proverbs was part of spoken languages, which was going into extinction, just as she added that the need to propagate local proverbs besides her passion for its usage also motivated her to write the book. Enoitse noted that proverbs were words of wisdom, which any wise and intelligent person uses, but added that it was unfortunate that only older people knew about it. According to her, proverbs contained the culture and history of the people which she said is getting lost to modern society.

This, she said, was the reason it had to be documented to prevent it from getting lost. “There is need to document proverbs and alphabets of every tribe in the country, because if you are not conversant with the alphabets, you cannot speak the language nor write it,” Enoitse said.

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