Nigerian music act, Miah makes a come back with new single, Sasalinga

After dropping two music singles in 2015 and 2021, respectively, Nigerian born but American based musician and song writer, Jeremiah Oluwaseun Michael, Popularly known as Miah said that he is making a comeback in the music scene with his new song titled, ‘Sasalinga’.

Speaking about what led to his taking breaks in making music, Miah said that living in the United States of America meant working hard and he had businesses he was attending to at the time.

“No this isn’t my first single. I dropped my first song in 2015 titled ’Baba’, and as at that time I was known as Michell. I also released a single in 2021 titled ‘Loaded’. It took me a while to release this single because of other businesses I was attending to. But I’m fully prepared to hit the world with wonderful music back to back.”

Miah who hails from Edo State Nigeria, explained that he is blessed by God to fit into almost every kind of genre of music. currently lives in the USA .

“I’m blessed by God to fit in almost all kinds of genres, as far as it’s music related I’ll deliver, but I got more love for pop and Afropop music.”

Speaking about his new single ‘Sasalinga’, Miah stated that the song has the vibe to transform sadness into happiness.

“Well, I believe Sasalinga to be a good music. It has the vibe that transforms sadness to happiness, especially with all the craziness in the world today. People need a song that will distract them from fear and sorrow, into a more festive mood, and that’s exactly what Sasalinga stands for.

‘Sasalinga’ may not just be a song when it hits the music scene, it may become the next street slang like many other songs like ‘Zazu Zee’.
Explaining what ‘Sasalinga’ means, he said it is just a word he came up with and the meaning he gave it was ‘Living a good life’.
“Like I can say, I am sasalinging,” he said.

Miah whose real name is Jeremiah Oluwaseun was born and brought up in Orile Iganmu, Lagos but currently hustling for a better future in the USA.

He said that aside making music, he is a businessman, a filmmaker and video director. “For your information, ‘Sasalinga’ music video was shot and directed by me.

Miah discovered his music talent when he was 8. And at that young age, he joined the choir where he built his singing skills and learnt how to play various instruments.

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