‘No one equals the strength of a mother’

The National Theatre Iganmu, Lagos was transformed into a pamper centre filled with smiling faces on Saturday, March 30, as a remarkable number of mothers and children graced the fifth annual mother’s day fiesta organised by a group of outstanding mothers who saw the need to appreciate mothers all around the world in their own little yet amazing way.
The event which made its debut in 2015 featuring outstanding mothers, the likes of Mrs. Iretiola Doyle, Prof. Grace Alele Williams, Adesuwa Onyenokwe and Alhaja Kuburat Okoya has recorded a remarkable growth over the years as a platform that brings together and celebrate mothers as unbeatable role models, great leaders and goal getters while juggling the huge, exciting yet scary responsibilities that comes with motherhood. The hall was transformed into a pamper center were mothers from all areas of life were treated to sweeties as precious jewels.
Mothers had great time as they were treated to photo session, interviews, games and other fun activities. The amazing mothers wore captivating smiles on their faces and were clad in their best attires accompanied by their children and grand children while some graced the occasion with their loving and supportive husbands as they danced into the venue in grand styles.
The convener, Mrs. Jibeh Ologeh, MD/CEO of Wells Media and Advertising Company Nigeria Ltd gave a memorable opening speech about mother’s value and importance in the home. She appreciated mothers all around the world and Nigeria especially for their hard work as home makers and pillar of support in their various home. With the theme, “Happy mother happy home” Mrs. Jibeh reasoned that a mother’s state of mind often rubs off on every member of the house hold. “When a mother is happy, everyone is happy and when a mother is sick, the whole household is sick. There is a popular adage which backs up the chosen theme, “happy wife, happy life,” she said.
However, the merry got to a peak moment when the host and hostess engaged in a dancing competition which produced no winner.
While the dancing competition was going one by one side of the hall, the children and guests around also had their corner of fun, they watched an interesting music performance by Afro Malika.
The event took on a brighter colour as outstanding mothers were recognised. They were mothers nominated by their children, family and friends for their great works in the homes and how they have overcome life challenges. The outstanding mothers engaged in a dance competition to display their talents as not just great mothers but also great dancers. The winners of the dance competition went home with a whooping prize of StarTimes decoder and dish which was one of the things mother’s day celebrations was all about- making themselves happy by also giving out happiness.
The winner of the first ever Kids Voice award 2018, Daniel Agbeyor brought tears to the eyes of mothers as he sang the popular Yoruba song
“Iya ni wura, iyebiye……” for the appraisal of mothers and his mother and they all stood up to dance along. The song brought about a strong frenzy movement inside the hall and much body swing and many feet stamping to the rhythms of the song.
A powerful and thought provoking speech was given by Bassey Mercy, a grandchild of one of the recognised mothers. He defined mothers and their roles as unquantifiable and priceless.
According to Bassey, motherhood is the most difficult and awarding job designed to any human. “A mother is a counselor and teacher. It is the biggest gamble,” she said. She explained that, a mother’s heart is somewhere you can always find forgiveness, she is always there giving a shoulder to lean on, a mother’s prayer always goes a long way and her love is peace.”
The event also featured women empowerment lecture by Mrs Ify Okonkwo, multi level marketer, who talked on entrepreneurship as a woman, she emphasised the need for women to be able to be independent instead of being dependent on their husbands, mothers should have something doing to fetch them some money to help contribute to what their husbands bring home.
Mrs. Okonkwo talked about the financial strength of a woman, she lectured mothers on to start up a business with paltry sum of N8,000. Three different women demonstrated how they could such amount that it would generate good yield. According to one of them, she would could start up a sachet water business, second person said she would open a in-house hairdressing salon while the third woman said she would use the money to open a small fruit store and that even N5,000 could be used for that.
Mrs. Okonkwo explained further that most of the things that debar most women are women themselves, ‘you have to fix yourself before you can fix others.’ She said a woman needs to get rid of fear of failure and doubts which are some of the constraints that torment women from financial independence.
Meanwhile, as the celebration went on, mothers and guests were showed some few ways to bond with their children and grand children one of which was Sandal shoes making by Adrial Oreoluwa, who showed the guests how to convert the ordinary bathroom slippers into a fancy outdoor sandal.
The mother of the day, Mrs. Helen Paul, a mother, comedian and most recently, a professor from the university of Lagos soon arrived, the mothers and guests took some pictures with her, she gave a touching speech about the strength of a mother, about how sometimes she has to go for a show in less than an hour and her child says he has a fever, how she is distracted on the stage and worried about her child in the hospital but has to put up a big smile to cover her fear and grief. She said no one equals the strength of a mother.
After the amazing speech by Mrs. Paul, it was time to cut the cake, the mothers gathered on the stage and cut the cake after the pronunciation of the big word ‘Mother’. The event was a memorable one as both mothers and their guests danced and shared a toast to more amazing years to come.

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