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One minute silence

I read a statement reportedly credited to president Buhari last week that he was prepared to deal with those who are planning to bring down his government.


Making reference to the burning of INEC’s facilities across the country, he sounded a note of warning, saying he has had enough of those attacks to discredit his government. The president added that he went round the 36 states to seek for votes, meaning that Nigerians gave him his mandate. When last did he visit any state to share in their troubles, tribulations and challenges?.


After he secured his mandate, he turned away and abandoned the states to their fate. If President Buhari must be told the salient truth, he must agree with me that Fulani herdsmen or gunmen, bandits, kidnappers and insurgents are the people that have discredited his government with unequivocal boldness.


And his refusal to come out smoking hot against their negative exploits is the reason why every other thing is taken for granted. He does not need to search too far. He should solve the herdsman crisis and we would have been half way done.


This presidency has become a government of one minute silence everyday because of the number of deaths and killings that have overwhelmed a system run by incompetence. The government has mastered the art of condolence writing and shedding crocodile tears each time blood is spilled.


Talking tough is not the answer, acting tough could be better. Nigeria has drifted from a failing state to a failed state, anxiously waiting to become a collapsed state like Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan where the falcon can no longer hear the falconer.


Beyond talking tough, the president should act tough, get into the field and show some bite and grit. The number of shocking deaths and killings in Nigeria keeps rising astronomically, like a country without a leader.


President Buhari surely knows his traducers and those threatening to bring down his government. He doesn’t need to look too far.


They are the notorious bandits and kidnappers, the insurgents and other criminals, who have been allowed for too long to have a stranglehold on a failed system.


They have turned Nigeria into a one minute silence scenario everywhere you turn. Talking about those “who want to destroy” president Buhari’s government, it is pointless looking too far. President Buhari has destroyed his own government.

In my humble opinion, the problem of Nigeria is the president, the problem of President Buhari is General Buhari. President Buhari is the architect of his own governmental misfortune.


He has surrendered the country to separatist groups, who now give order, and the people obey. Once nonstate actors have that level of control against a proper, legitimate, constituted authority, be assured that such government has failed woefully. This is the sorry state we find ourselves at present. Using “good bandits” theory to confront “bad bandits” scenario, according to Sheikh Ahmad Gumi will help to address insecurity.


There is nothing we won’t hear in Nigeria under President Buhari. It’s like saying using “good armed robbers” to fight “bad armed robbers”, such idiotic reasoning, as the fulcrum of what should inform our security intervention. What a mess! I get worried everyday reading news of blood and blood. Last week, presidency’s publicist rolled out what they called the achievements of President Buhari in six years, a litany of lies and half-truths.


Who will enjoy those infrastructure when Nigerians are being killed in their hundreds regularly? Igangan residents woke up to a gruesome Sunday when over 50 were reportedly slaughtered like sacrificial lambs by Nigeria’s angel of death.


It does appear it was a repriesal attack to send the message that all is not well. Before this, Kebbi state had its own share of such pogrom that has become the recurring theme in our national engagements. 80 people were slaughtered without qualms, as if there is no government in place. Can the Attorney General and Minister of Justice kindly help prosecute the killers with the same swiftness he applied on the twitter debacle?


Not even a word finds expression on his lips. The 130 souls that were killed have received their one minute silence, and trust this government, life goes on. I saw the Information Minister trying to carry out Town Hall discourse, such medicine after death, to tell Nigerians that their president is in charge or what? The truth must be spoken no matter the threat and intimidation.


This government has failed woefully. The leadership has failed woefully and abysmally. Tell the president to reach out. He should visit the states and speak to Nigerians if truly they voted for him. He should engage Nigerians and appeal to their emotions.


This standoffish posturing that has become his alter ego cannot provide the leadership answers to our debilitating problems. Just imagine a country with 33% unemployment rate and generously encumbered by $36billion debt profile, getting into a fight with a company that has over $50billion rock solid turnover. Imagine the selfinflicted malady of trying to exert your sovereignty through banning of twitter, yet your unemployment ratio is insultingly humiliating. A visit to any of the embassies tells the story more benumbingly.


The queues of applicants seeking to jet out of Nigeria only brings sordid memories of war-torn countries. Shockingly, Nigerians are ready to escape to collapsed countries like Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, just to enable them opportunity to seek greener pastures having been humbled by the spate of bloodletting and killings in Nigeria.


Hunger is tearing us apart. Mutual discord has created crevices of hate and bottled anger. Poverty has destroyed the very psyche of an average mind while insecurity elegantly dominates public discourse. A failing government on our hands is easily jolted to respond to global negative commentaries, invoking the mantra of sovereignty as the common denominator. What is the use of sovereignty when a government and a country cannot protect her citizens? What is the value of sovereignty when life has become cheap in Nigeria?


How do you define sovereignty in the face of blood, killings, kidnappings and wanton acts of criminalities? Sovereignty becomes useful when a country is able to assert its strength and capacity to discharge its responsibilities to make life safer for her citizens.


A performing government would be so described if all the indices show cause to help make life more meaningful for the average citizen. A government that has failed woefully to address the provisions of chapter 4 of the nation’s constitution, concerning protection of lives and property of the people, such a primary responsibility, is not worth to be called a government.


Sovereignty of one minute silence is a sore thumb on a country with weak leadership that cannot connect the dots. Where was sovereignty when assailants visited Igangan and left tears of woes and destruction on its trail? Where was sovereignty when blood has been flowing from Kebbi, lowering 80 people down in their emergency graves?


Truth be told, this government has not shown cause to be taken seriously. Nigeria is in disarray with disillusioned citizenry running amok daily to eke a living. The president sits comfortably in his Aso Villa, far-flong away from the maddening crowd. The nation swims in the pool of blood, leaving anguish and sorrow in our hearts.


The government loves to assert its strength on frivolous issues like banning twitter, or regulating social media, than taking the battle to the stronghold of bandits and insurgents. The bandits are becoming more audacious, kidnapping and abducting school children and killing their future.


The south-east is boiling, yet the president thinks that the use of force is better than the use of word.


When the security agencies become easily over-stretched, the country easily falls prey to criminals who are daily gaining momentum to undo a country of one minute silence. This is our sorry pass and the thought of 2023, two solid years ahead, benumbs my inner recesses. God, please rescue your children




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