Our mega crusade has placed Mgbidi on world map –Pastor Chidi



Ahead of the 2021 Mgbidi International Crusade, powered by the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic and Revival Ministries and slated for the first week of January, the church’s Public Relations Officer, Pastor Louis Chidi, says it’s a chance for all to start the new year with God and secure their victories over all challenges of the coming year, in thus interview with TAI ANYANWU


What informed the concept of having Mgbidi International Crusade annually and how did it come into being?


The programme was inspired by the Holy Spirit, to empower the participants to overcome the problems of a given year. The inspiration manifested physically when the first edition was held in 2007.


From then till date, it is evident that God has been proving Himself, as the owner of the programme. We can see the extra ordinary transformation of lives taking place in all the editions is attestation to the fact that the programme is the finger of God.


Of course, testimonies are abound of hundred of thousands of people who repented, particularly hardened criminals repenting and giving their lives to Christ. The blind has seen, lame walked and yokes have been broken. In all ramifications, you can actually see that Mgbidi International crusade and annual spiritual exercise was inspired by God; that is what we are enjoying year in year out.


What impact would you say the annual event has had on the Lord’s Chosen as a church?


Apart from bringing hundreds of thousands of believers together, the programme have lived up to expectation every year. You know that God is a progressive God; every year we experience a greater dimension of his good works in our midst. Besides the mammoth crowd, we also have people from all works of life including Ministers, Governors, traditional rulers and people from different part of the world participating. By having them in attendance it is also marketing Jesus Christ, the programme of God and the church is also growing among them.


As they come and go back home to their various stations and countries, some go and open churches in the name of Lord’s Chosen. All of them have handed over their churches to Lord Chosen church. So the programme has actually impacted the church in many ways. Of course, you know that 28 countries attended last year’s edition.


From all indication, no revival has witnessed such crowd in this generation. The deaf heard, lame walked, the blind saw, broken bones were joined together, the dead raised, hunchback disappeared, all of these are some of the impacts the programme has made on the church.


It is very clear. Of course, the vision of the church is on course by the mammoth crowd that attend the church; and people that repented. Remember the vision of the church is first of all grassroot revival all over the world; revival of apostolic Christian experience among the body of Christ, and revival of heaven consciousness in the body of believers. We can see that all these visions are on course.


Considering the number of people gathering together, there is already revival and it’s spreading across the globe. Many people handing over their churches to Lord’s Chosen means that Apostolic revival is also taking place. And heaven consciousness is already materialising.


That Pastor Muoka preaches and people give their lives to Christ is an eloquent testimony that the vision is on course; and we believe that it will be actualised.


Beside that, the ten billion souls mandate from all indications, from the people coming to the programme, from the way the church is expanding we can see that the mandate will be actualised at the end of the day. If we can muster one million participants in a single programme, I am sure if Jesus tarries, the vision will be accomplished.


In your own opinion, what benefits would you say that Mgbidi community and environs are benefiting from the influx of religious pilgrims to the great crusades?


Oh! Great great benefits because if one million people are gathering in one place, you and I know that they will come with dollars, they are coming with pounds, Euros and other foreign currencies. And if somebody who was selling 10 sachets of pure water per day before, he will now sell 1000 sachets. It’s economic empowerment. As can be seen, people who have lands around the venue of the crusade have now started building on the lands and more economic activities are blossoming, road constructions are going on.


There is no way economic activities will not more triple. Mgbidi as a community is now known in the whole world; because people from Japan, people from China, people from Australia, Americas and Europe have known the place called Mgbidi in Nigeria. In fact some of them are talking you discover that they have known Mgbidi more than Imo State. Many have been coming from since 2007 till date; a lot of people from different countries in the world.


Mgbidi is now in the world map. Beside that, there is the spiritual dimension to the impact that the programme has had in Mgbidi community. There has been a crisis going in Mgbidi. From the testimonies of traditional rulers in the community, who came, testified and appreciated our presence, the crisis has suddenly disappeared.


The constant land disputes amongst the indigenes and between two communities have been resolved amicably, without war, battle or anything. One can see that the community is enjoying great benefits, that is why they allow us, that is why they encourage us and that is why every year they come out to assist us in the planning the crusade.


Now is there any plan to host the 2021 edition of the crusade and could please explain the theme of the crusade?


Yes. The theme of the 2021 Mgbidi International Crusade remains, “What God has Chidi Determined Shall be Done.” The to host the annual event is already on top gear. Preparation for free transportation for participants and internal security has been made.


More importantly our COVID-19 Team, you the prevailing situation, have put in place all necessary protocols to ensure the comfort of all the participants. Government protocols in particular have been put in place to avoid any health crisis. Our evangelical groups are already out on the streets, in the country and across the globe, sensitising people and publicising the programme.


The workers and leaders are all engaged in prayers and fasting to ensure a hitch free programme. All hands are on deck and U believe that this edition will be one of the best outing regardless of the pandemic. Many people have indicated interest


To begin a new year with such huge spiritual exercise must have some implication. Could you explain what benefits can one get by participating?


The programme is designed as a spiritual tonic that will energise participants to meet the demands and challenges of the year. People must know that the spiritual controls the physical.


So when one is enriched with spiritual foods his or her physical needs are easily addressed. It’s always good for people to prepare and begin with God. If you begin with God, God will begin with you.


To begin the year with God will have a great impact in a person’s life; because will go ahead of you, make the crooked ways straight and perfect everything that concerns you. So then whatever He determines for you shall be done. If you partner with God from the early days of the years the remaining days of the year will be a walkover.


What are some of the features of the crusade?


By the special grace of God, the man of God, Founder and General Overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic and Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, will be ministering live throughout the days of the crusade. We have our Choristers, from all parts of the world, ministering songs of praises.


There shall be deliverance, there shall prayers and we believe that participation from all over the world should be allowed to feature whatever and whichever way God inspires them. It’s going to feature full expression of our liberties in the presence of God.


Could you tell us what specific arrangements made to ensure the comfort of participants?


Like I said earlier, all preparations have been made to ensure the success of the programme. Security arrangements have been put in place to handle any security breeches. We have also taken of the accommodation needs of all participants. We have free transport from Onitsha, Owerri and other neighboring cities so that people coming from the neighbouring town will not have any problem getting to the crusade venue. We have enough mass transit bus and have serviced all of them already.


Now you talked about the crusade still holding in spite of COVID-19 threats. What extra measures have been taken to ensure that the mega crusade dies not endanger people’s   health?


We are following the protocols prescribed by government and the ministry of health. All government protocols will be complied with. In addition to that we have free masks for those that are coming. The don’t have to buy mask, we have them in quantum.


Also we have hand washing machines strategically located for people to wash their hands frequently and sanitiser dispensers as well. We have enough water and bathrooms for people to take walked berths.


When ding physical distancing requirements, that will be fully observed, the compound is enough to ensure all of that as well as accommodate any amount of people who wish to participate. No matter where people are, there is enough monitor where every activity of the pastor on stage can be viewed. I want to invite all to come and be blessed.


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