Our toilet facility is not enough for the IDPs – Secretary, Mercy IDP camp, Gunner

Ezekiel James Gunner, Secretary of Mercy IDP Zonkwa also spoke with BABA NEGEDU. Excerpts…

How many people do you have at the camp?

We have two sections; on July 11, we had 1, 154 persons at the camp. We were attending to them as best as we could. Some of them even started going back to their places. But on July 20 another attack took place in a community called Gora Gan. Many of those affected ran to the camp then we did another round of registration and we got 2,416.

How are you taking care of them?

We started this programme with God and prayers because there was nothing on ground. When we started, the ECWA women fellowship saw what we were doing and picked interest in the project and arranged food for the people here. The next day, other individuals brought food stuff and other things. That was how other organizations, and religious bodies also started contributing to the camp. Even some politicians are also sending us their own contributions. So everything we are doing here is from the benevolence of people and organizations. It was this Monday that the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) came with their team. They talked to us and left. Their relief materials came in yesterday (Thursday).

Could you give an idea of the category of people do you people have in camp?

Basically a majority of the people here are women and children. Seriously looking at the condition of the people coming here, we opened a clinic here and we have the personnel that take care of people that are not feeling well. Some of the stuff that we get, we share with the women to use and take care of themselves. In terms of food, we cook here and give them breakfast, launch and dinner.

Put a figure to the number of displaced people you are feeding now?

On a daily basis we feed 2,416 persons. There are also those that stay within the neighborhood and come to eat with us before going to sleep with the neighbors and some relatives.

What things are you people lacking at the camp?

Seriously, looking at the number of people here, we need a new toilet facility it will really help us. Others that are been treated for gunshots wounds are owing hospital bills and they come to us. If we have funds we can assist in settling those bills. Many that want to even go back to their homes, their houses had been burnt down and they are asking us if we can help repair their homes, but we cannot do anything about it because we don’t have money.


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