Oyetola gives looters 72-hours to embrace amnesty

Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has given those that participated in the breaking of shops to embrace amnesty by returning the stolen items within 72-hours.


Speaking during a tour to ascertain the level of damages done by the hoodlums, Oyetola advised those with the stolen properties to return them to the palaces or chairmen of councils in their areas. He said the government would track the items should they fail to return them within the given period.


Oyetola said: “What I witnessed today is actually not invasion of hoodlums but armed robbers. It is very unfortunate. This is not the way to go. “Those people that participated in this looting will be fished out. The machines have serial numbers.


So, I will just  implore them to return the machines. Within 72-hours, they should return it. If they do that on their own, there is a possibility of an amnesty. Should they fail to do so, we will get them.


“So, it is an opportunity now to take advantage of the 72-hour to return those thing that have been stolen, and then, we can ask them to sin no more.


Should they fail to so do, I can tell you we have enough evidence to track them. “These are robbers. You must have a distinction between protest and looting. You can see the level of damage; you can see the level of destruction; you can see the level of consequential loss.

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