Oyetola to commissioners, SAs: Hit the ground running

Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, yesterday, charged his newly inaugurated cabinet members to hit the ground running immediately as his administration was in a hurry declaring to transform the state.

Besides, he reaffirmed his administration’s determination to deliver a state that would work and compete with other viable states around the world in terms of basic amenities and provision of modern facilities that would enable citizens to live happily and productively while fulfilling all their God-given potential.

Specifically, Oyetola said his administration was poised to continue the running of a wholly empathetic government whose singular preoccupation was to significantly uplift the well-being of the people of Osun.

The governor, who spoke yesterday on “My Development Agenda for the State of Osun” at the ongoing Four-Day State of Osun Executive Council Retreat at MicCom Golf Hotels and Resorts, Ada, Boripe Local Government Area of the state, also reiterated his administration’s commitmment to make more unprecedented progress with a view to building a greater Osun that would become a benchmark for national development in all ramifications.

He said:  “This shall be done through strategic investment in agriculture and food security, creation of a bustling tourism sector that would see Osun becoming the nation’s destination of choice, and ensure the full exploitation of our mineral resources for wealth creation.

“We shall do more to invest in the education that adequately empowers our people to realise their full potential. We know that an equitable public education is central to a healthy democracy and a thriving economy. Therefore, building on the strong foundation laid by the last administration, we will challenge our children with high expectations from a rich, well-rounded education curriculum that will provide them hope in a time of despair and help them thrive and become useful adults.”

“We are also fully committed to strengthening and enhancing technical and vocational education while also improving on the welfare of our hardworking teachers. My goal is to make Osun known as the state for employment and jobs in the country.

“Together, we must build a state that provides opportunities for all classes of our people irrespective of backgrounds or even political inclinations. We must build a secure and assured future that offers hope for today and for the generation yet unborn.

“In selecting you to serve, we have followed a most inclusive and participatory approach that included our party and other stakeholders who worked hard with us to deliver victory during the last election. After a much painstaking process, we are assured therefore, that your emergence is a pointer to your capacity as some of the best our state can muster.   

“This call to serve is a sacred duty that you must not take lightly. Since the past 10 months when our administration assumed office, we have, in line with our avowed electoral promise that the mandate to govern this state will be held in close trust and not be abused; been executing an agenda of continuity and revitalisation.

“We have laboured tirelessly to deliver significant dividends of democracy to our people. Despite our lean financial resources, we have comported ourselves cautiously, devoted attention to strategic thinking and shown commitment to utmost conscientious implementation of tasks.

“Yet, for us, it is very clear that the journey has just begun. It is certain that political appointees cannot succeed alone. To succeed, we must work closely with our colleagues in the bureaucracy and forge a shared vision, mission and passion that prioritise the interest of our people and the development of our beloved state above any primordial sentiments.

“More than anything else, we must work together as a team to deliver on our bold vision. In the face of paucity of financial resources, we must be audacious. We must stridently seek the pathways of creativity, innovation, courage and forthrightness to deliver on our affirmed mandates. We must achieve more with less.”

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