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Penis transplant gone awry

After celebrating Barbados’ first penis transplant surgery and first in the Caribbean, Omar Watson realized that something had gone eerily wrong. Watson married with two wives, was born with a very small penis.


He probably would have been having issues with his wives and has been dead worried on the type of solution to get for his nightmares.


He didn’t waste time to jump at the opportunity when he heard about a penis transplant, 13 inches in size. He was excited and lashed onto the opportunity of becoming a man with pride.


At least, with long and full size penis, he certainly would have the women eat on his palms. he would also justify his pride of marrying two wives and his other women.


Not having enough on him to fulfill his dream and wouldn’t pray for the opportunity to slip away from his grip, he quickly borrowed the money to have it done on hearing that the doctors had secured a large 13 inch penis from an organ donor.

He wasn’t the only one that got excited with the penis transplant. His wives, girlfriend and other women were said to be happy for him and were hopeful of getting the best from him after the transplant.


After having a successful transplant completed, Mr. Watson got all the medical certification from his doctors to go ahead and use the penis to the fullest at his speed and pace. Unfortunately, both he and the doctors had little or no premonition of what lies ahead. The cruel really struck.


He was unable to get an erection. He tried having sex with both of his women but was unsuccessful. But he got the shock of his life while he was on his way to see his doctors, he saw a nice looking gentleman on the street and immediately had a rock hard erection and even fibz in his pants! He felt embarrassed! What happened?!


The penis donor that Mr Watson’s penis was sourced from was a homosexual. According to the report from The Barbados Herald, the doctors failed to do a background check on the donor before the surgery on him.


What it means now for Watson is that he has become stuck with a one-time only procedure and a penis that has a different sexual preference. However, the report said Watson had sued his doctors to court for negligence and medical malpractice.


“We met with Mr.Watson outside the Supreme Court and told the Barbados Herald that it is very embarrassing because he has to keep his penis secured to his legs with a Velcro strap because it is constantly getting erect when he is around men. His doctors were unavailable for comment but were seen giggling outside the Court complex.”


While Watson penis surgery may have gone bad, some had theirs successful, got healed and happy thereafter. In the same vain, it was reported that a U.S. veteran who lost his genitals from a blast in Afghanistan received the world’s most extensive penis transplant.


His doctors confirmed that he recovered well and expected to leave the hospital the following week. According to the report, the surgeons had said they wanted to address “an unspoken injury of war,” Johns Hopkins University surgeons were said to rebuild the man’s entire pelvic region, transplanting a penis, scrotum and part of the abdominal wall from a deceased donor in a highly experimental 14-hour operation months ago.


“Such transplants “can help those warriors with missing genitalia just as hand and arm transplant transformed the lives of amputees,” Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee, Hopkins’ chairman of plastic and reconstructive surgery, told reporters.


Also, a 64-year-old Massachusetts man was reported to recover firmly from the United States’ first penis transplant, and doctors in Boston said they were “cautiously optimistic” he will make a full recovery.


Thomas Manning lost his penis to cancer in 2012 and was given a new one by an anonymous dead donor.

Manning said he wanted to go public about his surgery, which took 15 hours, to encourage others who may be ashamed or humiliated by the loss of a sex organ.

Doctors confirmed that by the time Manning healed properly and impressively, he would regain his full urinary and sexual functions.


They also said they would ensure the operation was a success before they perform it on others, including wounded soldiers. According to report, the world’s first successful penis transplant was undertaken in 2017 in South Africa.


It was tried in China about 10 years ago, but the patient asked doctors to remove the organ because he and his wife had psychological problems.


Manning’s doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital said his psychological state will play a big role in his recovery. “Emotionally, he’s doing amazing,”


Dr. Curtis Cetrulo told said. “I’m really impressed with how he’s handling things. … He wants to be whole again. He does not want to be in the shadows.”




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