Plateau Youths organised Peace Rally for Hausa and Igbo Youths in Jos

The Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum have yesterday in Jos organised an Independence Peace Walk tagged “I am my Brother’s Keeper”cutting across Igbo, Hausa and difference Youths groups in the State.

The peace walk which took place from Old Airport Junction Roundabout to Secretariat Junction Flyover Roundabout consists of hundreds of youths dancing wearing green and White T-shirts and holding the Nigeria flag as an indication of genuine peace through greater understanding among various tribes.

Convener of the Plateau G-17 Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos said the reasoned for the Peace rally was to refute the agitation for Nigerian disintegration and also to build confidence amongst Igbo’s and Hausas in the state that Plateau is still the home of Peace and Tourism.

“The Peace Rally became necessary because some miscreants a few weeks back wanted to advantage  of Jos to cause disunity as well achieved their evil plans, but we saw it very important to called on all Plateau Youths and all citizens of Nigeria resident in the state to affirmed our commitment to Peace on the Plateau because what the state has stated in the past will not like it to happened it, because a genuine Plateau Man will not want war or conflict”.

He said there is freedom of Unity on the Plateau and Plateau Youths will continue to promote the existing Peace that God has enabled the state to have.

“We have affirmed our commitment as Plateau Youths either Igbo, Hausa, Tarok, Ngas, Berom and all the tribes in respective of our Religious affiliation that we will  promote peace, unity, harmony and progress and we all agreed to live peacefully together and in unity for progress and development”

According to him without peace there will be no Business, going to work or going to school as well as development in the state.

Chairman Plateau Youth Council  (PYC), Dr. Fabong Jemchang on his part urged all Youths in the state to disregard any indices that will promote violence in the state, he commended the Youths for the Peace walk, saying PYC will continue to promote peace in the state.

Leaders of Igbo, Hausa, Tiv, Yoruba and various tribal groups all participated in the Youths Peace walk and affirmed their total commitment toward promoting Peace in the State.

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