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Putting adorable touches to lives at Christmas

The Yuletide season is a time for caring for others, sharing of gifts and extending love, especially to the less privileged in the society. DEBORAH OCHENI reports on how help came for some residents of Abuja


The genesis

In Nigeria, like in many parts of the world, times are hard and many families are finding it difficult to meet their basic needs of decent shelter, food and medicine for the sick.

The situation is even worse for some rural communities where social amenities are in short supply and government is far away from the people. In Buzunkure, a remote community in Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, many families are already having difficulties putting food on their tables and paying medical bills whenever they are sick.

As the Christmas season approaches, many of the residents know that they can’t afford the basic things that could make the celebration a memorable one for them and their children. Such a feeling can be devastating.

However, some succour came their way last Friday as the Adorable Foundation International (AFI), a philanthropic organization that seeks to deliver better livelihood, empowerment and assistance to the less privileged and vulnerable people of all ages, class and tribe arrived the community.

The foundation, working in collaboration with Angelic Worship Centre, Abuja, was in Buzunkure for an end of the year medical outreach and Christmas funfair.

Health outreaches

In their calculation, health outreach programs play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care through activities such as health education, case management, basic health screening, and facilitating access to services.

The programme featured free medical outreach, free medical items, free pharmaceuticals, free eye checkup and lenses, distribution of food items and clothing. These activities, the promoters believe, could directly and indirectly improve health outcomes of individuals and communities.

Founder of AFI, Princess Ada Okeke said she was inspired to reach out to the less privileged members in the society, because government alone cannot take care of all the needs of citizens in a vast country like Nigeria.


“We have to do our best for the society because we believed the government alone cannot do it all. A true Nigerian just have to do something no matter how little because there is so much work to be done and the mindset of all is coming together to work for humanity and the people we reach out to are the people that really needs the help of Nigerians.

Different situations

“When I came here for the first time to meet with the king, I saw a lot of things and I told him we will bring a medical team here and I’m happy the villagers turned out well.

“I am happy because they are happy and all glory and honour be unto God, I am a Bible student and I love the Bible so much, going back to the Bible, this is what Jesus talked about.

Putting smile on peoples face this Christmas period is one of the best things to do because, by the time I get home I will be able to sleep well knowing that I have impacted on someone’s life,” she said. The outreach, Okeke disclosed, was designed for all age groups including the young, the old, men, women and children.

According g to her, the programme has been running for the past thirteen years. “We have been doing outreaches in the South East and South West, but this is the first time we are doing rural outreach in Abuja,since I relocated to Abuja, aside the women empowerment programme we did three months ago with women farmers,” she said.

Funding issues

On funding, Okeke said that people of like minds have really been supportive, but 70 percent of her projects are totally on self-funding. “I share whatever money that comes my way into two and I give one to the foundation while I keep the other share for myself. It’s mainly self-funding and thanks also to the women in my team, Adorable Social Club, they have been supportive”.

She however noted that she was not disappointed in government in anyway as she has to keep the ball rolling. She advised women to take their place as women instead of competing with men.

“One thing I’ve tried my best in my own capacity is, if we can follow things the way it was I think things will be all right and that is a woman knowing her own position and a man knowing his own position as a man.

There was a time I brought some women out and some of them complained that they wanted to do something and their husbands opposed it and they want to equally show that a woman can do what a man can do. I don’t follow that because, when you go to the Bible it was clearly stated that a man came first and a woman followed.

If we can follow the system, things will be all right and that is why in National Council for Women Society, we are begging the government for 40/60. We are not saying everything is all about us and must be about us because there is no way a woman will be a man and that is the problem. When a woman wants to be a man, there must be problem,” she said.

Women groups

She emphasized that women should not hide but speak out and do what they are meant to do that is when things will balance a little bit. “A Nigerian woman is like a woman that went to farm without cutlass or hoe so, we do things by ourselves. Women are trying now though because, churches are helping, organization are also helping in the campaign of breaking the silence.

“The journey so far, has not been easy, but we thank God for his help so far. Funding, putting things together and meeting the right people to work with are most of the challenges faced,”/ she said.

Humble beginning

Okeke advised those who wish to venture into humanitarian services to start from the little they can, not to rush but patiently follow things step by step. Prophetess Nkechi Igboanyo, Angelic Worship Centre, Abuja described Adorable Foundation Intetnational as an NGO that was created to touch lives of the poor, the needy, widows, orphans and the elderly.

“We are reaching out to people that really needs this service that we are render-ing today and we are happy to be here. Health is wealth, no matter what happens, without health you cannot do anything and that’s why we decided to start from what the people need most which is the touch of medicals.

We have the optician team and general consultancy team and if you observe closely, there is no hospital in this place and these people are dying in silence as some of them cannot afford going to the city for medical checks.

The villagers are happy with the project and that is why they came out en-mass to access this service. I am happy because lives will be touched as they will be giving appropriate drugs and eye glasses.

“We encourage election because it is our right to vote in leaders of our choice for the betterment of Nigeria and those that are aspiring for different positions should remember the masses when they get to the seat” she advised.

Beneficiaries speak

The chief host and king of Buzunkure, Esu Musa Kauta expressed joy over the outreach. “I am very happy for the medical assistance my people are enjoying today free of charges. We have primary health care centre in this community but not everyone can access it so I am happy that my people are enjoying this service today.

I have seen an optician and they are working on giving me glasses,” he said. The king prayed for the organizers that God will help them and provide more for them. Justina Nneji, a 49 year old business woman said she is already feeling fine after seeing the doctor.

“I was so sick when I came here but I am feeling fine now after seeing the doctor. This is the first time I am seeing doctor without paying money and I was also given drugs for free. I am happy and I pray that God will continue to bless the organizers for reaching out to us,”she said.


Saratu Abuh, a farmer, said: “I have been sick for the past one month but I cannot go to hospital because I don’t have money. Even to go to farm became difficult for me so, I was happy when I heard the announcement that doctors are coming I was very happy and I told myself that I must come.

Doctor have checked me and they gave me drugs and I know I will be fine after using these drugs. I am happy,” Abuh said. Shehu Ahmed said the programme was timely for him because he had been planning to go for an eye check for some time but had no resources to do so.

“I have been having eye problem for some times now, I planned going to the hospital but they person that bought my farm produce has not paid me so I decided to wait unknown to me that God was doing something in my favour.

I have seen an optician, I also saw the other doctor {General Consultant} and I have been giving some medications with the promise that they are working on glasses that they will give me.

I thought that was all but we were also given food stuffs, I got the package, my wife also got and our children got Christmas gifts from Santa Claus today. This year’s Christmas is the best for us,”Ahmed said.

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