Reasons Paul Okoye’s ‘Audio Money’ should be Nigeria’s Best Music Video of 2019

Paul Okoye of the defunct music group, PSquare, has proven beyond doubts he’s not a flash in the pan. Music enthusiasts and pundits have always known this too, anyway. Little wonder he’s had some nice songs in his repertoire in 2019, but none, in message, drama and aesthetics beat the music video he released on September 23, 2019, dubbed ‘Audio Money’.



This assessment isn’t according to commercial success of the song and video or how much views it could garner in its first day of release.


Typical of the velvet-voiced artiste also known as Rudeboy, he chose a nice theme for the drama the video was to convey, did a grand job of characterisation and the location was also in consonance with demography he sought to address. Audio Money seeks to address the extravagance of Nigerian artistes, the vanity of claiming to own more than they are worth in real life.



At the time the project was in the pipeline, all over Ghana, an Instagram sensation, the famous diminutive one called Shatta Bandle, has gained so much fame from claiming to be richer than anyone who ever lived, leading a fake life and flaunting wads of US dollars. He became even more popular in Nigeria when he bragged he had a lot more money than the Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.


That way, he brought to bear his Pan African spirit, because there was a score of Nigerian entertainers he could have contracted to play that role. Flying Shatta Bandle to Nigeria for the project must have cost him some fortune, he did it anyway. And you may well recall the story of Blessing, a blogger who claimed to own a mansion whose real owner would later return to humiliate her.


One of Rudeboy’s smartest moves was to choose this famous duo- Shatta Bandle and Blessing to drive home his points in the video. Even if you are yet to spare a m o – ment to see the video, it’s not too late in the year. And no matter how widespread the fire of lies and illusions have been, Rudeboy, who was a firefighter in the said video had an extinguisher to put out the fire.


Famous compere and comedian, Nedu, also added colour and excitement to the video which conveyed how far Nigerian artistes go to ruin themselves by making false claims to riches and joining the wild goose chase after what a colleague has claimed to own.


Many Nigerian celebrities have suffered terrible fates, in extreme cases, death even- because of how difficult it seemed for them to come down from that high horse false claims had placed them.


With Rudeboy humbling Shatta Bandle and Blessing with his fire extinguisher in the said video, which provokes lots of laughter- a lesson of modesty is also seamlessly taught.

It got even much funnier when days after releasing the song, Rudeboy’s twin brother and former bandmate, Peter Okoye, known as Mr. P became an item for internet trolls after a Instagram claim he allegedly made where he promised to give Big Brother Naija’s ex-housemate, Tacha, a whopping N60m if she loses out of the race. Tacha was disqualified and Mr. P made a U-Turn denying ever making such a spurious pledge.


As the melodrama lingered and many expected Rudeboy to empathise with his brother- he went ahead to taunt him more by saying the said N60m pledge was merely ‘Audio Money’, a subject he’d only recently treated with his hit song.


‘Audio Money’ simply means unreal money and has since become a famous lingo for the street-savvy chaps.

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