Red carpet slayers

There are ladies who always come to the red carpet of every event they attend with their A-game on when it comes to fashion and style. They’re simply red carpet slayers; they want to be sure all fashion radars pick them out from the rest of the crowd on account of their ensembles.

Whenever they step on the red carpet, there is something unique that keeps you drooling; could be hair, makeup, dress, shoes or even the accessories they put on. They always come slaying anytime they appear in public. Overtime, their fashion sense has become widely acknowledged as they have lots of fans on their social media handles that follow them just to see their latest styles.

There’s always something ‘extra’ about their outfit. Sometimes, it can come off as outrageous but somehow, they still manage to pull it off with their personality and uniqueness.

These red carpet slayers always come out in all shades of fabulous; matching their outfits with gorgeous accessories and hairdo that take your breath away.

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