Reps to stop police from issuing tinted glass permit

Worried by the alleged harassment and extortion by the police, the House of Representatives will this week consider a motion seeking to stop the Nigerian police from issuing or renewing tinted glass permit for vehicles owners.

The motion titled “need to save motorists from harassment and extortion by the police in the guise of renewal of vehicle tinted glass permit” is sponsored by Hon. Henry Daniel Ofongo (PDP, Bayelsa). New Telegraph exclusively gathered from the House notice paper for this week that the motion will be moved on Wednesday.

It would be recalled that the then military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida promulgated a decree prohibiting the tinting and use of cars with tinted glasses.

The said decree is now known as motor vehicles (prohibition of tinted glass) Act, 1991; made up of only six (6) sections. By the provisions of section (1) (1) of motor vehicles (prohibition of tinted glass) Act, 1991 “no person in Nigeria is permitted to cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted, shaded, coloured lightly or thickly, darkened or treated in any other way to the extent that the persons or objects in the vehicle are obscured, invisible and not seen with the naked eyes”.

It means that no person (human being or juristic being; companies and incorporated trustees) is permitted to place, display, install, affix, use, or put on a motor vehicle any glass that will hide the contents of such vehicle.

Also during the 7th Assembly, Senator Ita Enang, now Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters had sponsored a bill seeking to abolish the decree.

The bill, which had passed second reading, did not see the light of day. In sponsoring the motion, the lawmakers are concerned that “the police always claimed that obtaining permission for the use of tinted glasses was free.

Such claims existed only on the pages of newspapers as persons who sought such permission reported that they were given various charges ranging from N10,000 and above”.

They are also querying the custody of the charges for tinted glasses’ permit, wondering the custodians of the money and the treasury where the money is kept as they, insisted that it was “wrong for the police authorities to perpetrate the attitude of exploiting Nigerians without any legal basis”.

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