Rev Ukpai to Nigerians: Make your agitations non-violent

Against the backdrop of nationwide protests occasioned by the mounting tension in the country, a cleric and President of Uma Ukpai Evangelist Association, Rev. Uma Ukpai, has called on Nigerians to go about their protests, struggles and agitations in a non-violent manner.

This was as the international evangelist passionately appealed to them to apply the principle and philosophy of non-violence as a signpost in their agitations.

Rev. Ukpai, who made the appeal at a media interactive session, noted that the crux of non-violence philosophy is a personal practice of being harmless to one self and others under every condition.

While alluding to former President Goodluck Jonathan political ideology that “his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian,” Rev. Ukpai further insisted that the call for non-violence agitation had become imperative, even as he said that the most important thing is that no blood should be shed on the platform of any agitation or interest.

Worried by the widespread EndSARS protest, he added: “In the attempt to express yourselves you should not harm anyone in whatever form. You can agitate and express your heart desires but do not harm anyone. Let us value life, let us love one another, nobody can claim to be a leader if he does not love the people and we need evidence of such love.”

Rev. Ukpai, who is the Visitor to Uma Ukpai College of Business and Theology, stated that in the bid to struggle and express oneself following a disagreement, such disagreement should or must be laced with maturity and a show of love for one another.

According to the cleric, in the struggle to express yourselves nobody should be killed for whatever reason, though “I have nobody in mind as I just have all of us in Nigeria in mind.”


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