Runaway bride may have ‘spiritual husband’ –Family source

       …left home five days before wedding


The wedding ceremony between Taiwo Orimoloye and Abiodun Isaac was called off following the disappearance of the bride five days to the wedding ceremony. BABATOPE OKEOWO reports that the family of the bride blames the incident on spiritual problem while the groom still retains hope that the bride remains his.



In what looked as scene from the Nollywood movie, a bride to be; Miss Ruth Taiwo Orimoloye left home five days to the solemnization of her wedding and has not been seen seven days after the ceremony was called off.

Taiwo, a National Council of Education (NCE) graduate of Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) had agreed to marry her sweetheart, Mr Abiodun Isaac, last Saturday in a ceremony that was to be witnessed by prominent members of the society.

In fact, the father of the bride had invited his friends from far and near to witness the wedding ceremony which was supposed to take place at Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) New Covenant Parish, Oka Ondo, in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State. Similarly, at the groom’s family, preparations were in top gear as they had invited people from Osun and Lagos, where the man works as a teacher.

They brought gifts for the engagement ceremony. Also, the best man and men in suits were on hand to give solidarity to their friend who was to quit bachelorhood. But on the day of the wedding ceremony, Taiwo did not show up. She also did not she call either her family or the wouldbe- husband to tell them where she was. She did not give them reasons for her action.

A family source said that the incident could be blamed on spiritual problem. The family source said it was likely that Taiwo has a ”spiritual husband” who is preventing her from getting married to the man of her choice.

The source said the groom, Abiodun, knew about the problem and had been praying about it. The father of the bride, who is also a Shepherd-in-Charge of a Celestial Church of Christ, had also done spiritual cleansing for his daughter. Efforts to speak with the bride’s father were rebuffed as he said he was not disposed to speaking with the media for now.

The family said Taiwo had called her husband-to-be on phone expressing confidence that the wedding ceremony would still hold despite the initial hiccups. However, debunking the claim that the bride abandoned the groom at the altar and absconded to a yet-to-be ascertained destination, another family source said she left home five days to the wedding day and not a day before as earlier reported.

While many suspected that Taiwo abandoned her groom for another man, others said she might have been kidnapped. However, the source who preferred anonymity disclosed that the ‘runaway’ bride had called her parents on a different telephone line, informing them of her whereabouts.

The family source told Saturday Telegraph on the phone that: “Taiwo called her parents on a telephone line on Monday and told them that she was in Osogbo. Her call, as a matter of fact, has doused the tension in her family. Everybody in the family is now happy that she is alive, hale and hearty.

But the reason for taking such an action is still unknown to us and we did not know what she discussed with her parents. Her father has gone to meet her in Osogbo and we believe all is well with her.”

The source denied the report that the bride eloped with another man on the fateful day because she did not want to go ahead and marry her long time fiancé, saying the lady was a good Christian and could not do such a thing.

The source said: “What really happened on that day, we don’t fully know yet, but I am sure Taiwo did not elope with another man, she is a good and devoted Christian. She has a good Christian background.

Her father is a founder of a church; she is not a wayward girl. “We did not know any other man with her except Abiodun and they have come a long way. So the reason for that action is what no one can explain but she cannot elope with another man.”

Signs that the wedding ceremony would not hold manifested earlier on Friday, a day before the wedding ceremony when the cow brought by the family of the groom was rejected.

The family of the groom had thought that the rejection was because the cow was small not knowing that it was because the family of the bride did not know the whereabouts of their daughter.

Despite the rejection of the cow by the bride’s family, the groom believed that the wedding ceremony would still hold. Saturday Telegraph learnt that the groom knew that his bride had fled from home but still had the hope that she would return before the wedding day.

Despite the fears nursed by the family of the bride, sources said the groom still insisted that the wedding ceremony would go on as his bride would come back on the wedding day. A family source said Abiodun is a man of faith.

He said the groom who attends Winners Chapel displayed faith when the family of the bride told him that they could not locate his wife to be. According to the source, Abiodun said Taiwo is his wife and would show up even if it is a few hours to the wedding ceremony.

The bride’s family who was afraid that the wedding might not take place because of the disappearance of their daughter did not decorate the church in preparation for the ceremony.

Although the father had paid for the decoration and additional chairs in the church, the caterers did not show any signs of readiness for action. Saturday Telegraph learnt that Taiwo and Abiodun were students of Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) Ondo and had been in a relationship for the past seven years before agreeing to the solemnisation of the relationship.

The traditional introduction of the two families took place on December 27, 2016.The families eventually fixed the engagement and wedding ceremonies for Friday and Saturday last week.

The programme was to be attended by important dignitaries within and outside the town. Before the disappearance of the bride, visitors, including the monarch of Modakeke, in Osun State, Oba Sikiru Ogunsua, as well members of Winners Chapel from Lagos State, had assembled at the house of the Orimoloyes located at Christ Land Area, Oka Ondo town, waiting for the arrival of the bride.

Similarly, a cow and foodstuffs were under the big canopy at the frontage of the house. Kehinde, the twin sister of the absconded brides was seen crying and wailing. The best man said all arrangements had been concluded, saying the church service was to be held at Celestial Church of Christ, New Covenant Parish, Oka Ondo.

Narrating the incidents to those who visited the groom’s family house on Oduduwa Street Ondo town, one of the men in suit said all was well with the groom and the bride until Saturday morning before the bride absconded. He said the bride switched off her phone lines and all attempts to reach her failed.

The visibly distraught man in suit further said apart from the fact that her absence had thrown the family of the groom, including visitors who had come from far and near, into confusion, her sudden disappearance on the day of the ceremony had also created tension within the families.

One of the groom’s men explained that all was rosy between the bride and the groom, and wondered why the lady absconded. He said they would not have planned the ceremonies if there had been a frosty relationship between the families and the husband and wife to be.

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