Scholars, security experts task FG, Nigerians on terrorism, kidnapping

Concerned by the spate of insecurity in the country, Islamic scholars and security experts have called on the Federal Government and all Nigerians to be more security conscious, saying religious practices are best perform in a peaceful atmosphere. 

The scholars, who also tasked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Army to launch an intelligence surveillance on sponsors of Boko Haram, saying that the ongoing war against the terrorists cannot be won except efforts are being made to expose and deal with the sponsors of the terrorism in the country.

Speaking at the Quarterly Da’wah Workshop organised by the Lekki Muslim Ummah in Lekki, the security experts many of whom are retired generals, brigadier-generals and security intelligence officers who have served in foreign peace missions, said there was need for the federal government to intensify strategies to tackle security issues in the country, saying that Nigeria would be seen as failed state if the military also fails in their war against terrorism.

Speaking on the theme of the workshop entitled: “Dealing with the Insecurity in the Nation”, General Muhammad Ibn Umar Adeka (Rtd) described the lingering security challenge in the northeast as worrisome. He said problem ought to have been nipped on the bud, calling on President Buhari and  Army Cheifs to go  beyond attacking the foot soldiers of the terrorists group and go after sponsors of the group in the country, saying the best approach to tackling Boko Haram menace are launching an attack on the sponsors.

General Adeka said that Nigerians should continue to wonder where the supposed poor and hungry Boko Haram terrorists are getting weapons, foods and others in spite of the continued onslaught by the Nigerian Army on them.

He said Nigerian Army should embark on surveillance with a view to exposing the sponsors of the group suspected to be highly placed individuals in the country.

He said: “It is a strategy in the military, when the enemies are being fought, you also look out for and block the possible means of where your enemies can get power. You must also fight their means of survival. We can’t continue to fight their foot soldiers without dealing with their sponsors who frequently empower them against the state.”

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