Scientists will never find solution to Corona Virus, says Apostle Fidel Chimezie

Esther Orejimi

Can you give us an insight into your calling and ministry?

My name is Apostle Fidel Chimezie, the Chief Apostle of the Nigeria Ministers’ Project and Apostolic Discipleship Project, called into the Ministry concerning the elect and church leaders to raise altars and to confront whatever problem challenging the church of God.

God use me to raise altars to solve problems of the world.

My Apostolic call came in 2007 and since then God has been using me to solve serious issues in the world especially Nigeria by raising altars to confront evil altars.

There seems not to be prophecies about this scourge that could have prepared human race for this as it is done every December 31st, do you think this is as a result of God’s anger against sins of mankind?

As usual, God will always show things to His people, He will not leave them in the dark, when the epidemic was about to break out, I cried out and raised an altar which I would still raise more with lime and water using Isaiah 52, because God gave me the Book of Isaiah 52 from verse1-12. That is the solution God gave to me and I have been using it to pray with lime and water. When I did it the first time, three personalities ran away from this earth, that , this epidemic was brought through diabolical means to destroy human beings by some evil powers, it is not ordinary.

People of God that God reveal things to don’t go out to announce because they are genuine people who are not after money making so they keep it to themselves. Since 2018 God gave me the revelation about this epidemic but it is happening now, the outcome of the whole thing is that it will make people to fear God and be dedicated to Him. Money will not save anyone in this situation but only Christ thus people will hold onto their God and also know that wickedness is real. It will also make people to lose value in money and things they attach themselves to. God is real and indeed we are in the end time, people should prepare themselves as anything can happen at any moment.

As an Apostle, did God reveal anything to you personally about this epidemic before it broke out?

In 2018 I was in a trance where they brought a baby to me and the baby began to cough and to vomit blood, I was shouting that what will I do and the baby said “If you want me to survive , use lime and hot water to wash my head” I didn’t understand what that means until this issue of Corona virus started, it is a diabolical thing that was orchestrated to stop and distract the people of God and the nations of the world.

After that God said He’s sending me to 187 nations to work for Him and to fight evil powers that want to crush Christianity and the people of God, I did not understand until all this issue of Corona Virus started.

You are one of the Apostles of end time, with what is going on across the globe, what Biblical injunctions can we relate to this?

In Habakkuk chapter 2 from verse 6 to end, there are about 13 woes there concerning what is happening, those that are in authority using human blood to do anything they want and those that want to cheat to be in authority, I think this is the woe but God can use anything to condemn the wicked.
When they were plotting this evil, the man that is confessing now didn’t know that it will affect his son, those that are killing others didn’t know that the evil they are doing would turn against them. So also is this issue of Corona Virus, it is a demonic evil, unfortunately they just call it that name, it’s not Corona Virus.

Unlike the Ebola epidemic, scientists seem not to find a clue about this epidemic, why do you think this is so?

Scientists will never find solution to Corona Virus, this has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit since 2018, the virus will die off naturally as a result of prayers being said and not as a result of efforts by scientists.

Angels are already on ground to sweep them off the planet earth.

What do you think is the possible outcome from this epidemic?

As I said earlier, it is a wickedness from high places, it’s occultic manipulation and it is only the elects who have the Apostolic mantle that can remove them, that is why I have started raising altars to combat the Virus since God revealed it to chase them out. This kind of battle is conducted in the highest realm using the Blood of Jesus, it is not a toy play but it will soon finish because a lot of spiritual assignments have been done about it. Altars have been raised about it.

What is your advice to Christians in this dilemma?

The Lord told me that I should rebrand His ministers into holistic integral commission that will not only speak in the four walls of the church but it will reflect everything about them, I didn’t know that the rebranding God is talking about is that approach by which we serve God because ministers always like to use other people to do the work of God and not they themselves, by shutting doors of the building church is now inside of you, it will attract people more unto God and makes everybody to look more unto his/her own God, I believe that’s the rebranding God was talking about and another one is that it is we Christians that will shake the world by our character and calling down the power of God.

What is your advice to the government of the world because this is a global challenge?

Everyone should now know that there is a greater power called the power of God, this virus can kill anybody because it is targeted at destroying people and only the power of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ can prevent it because it comes from the pit of hell.

The way forward is found in the verse of the Bible which says “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land and remove their diseases”, it is only the elect that can save the land wherever they are they should keep praying, they can use Zechariah chapter 3 verse 9 to purge the iniquity of the land, they can use lime and water praying with Isaiah 52 verse 1-12 , they put their hands on the ground and speak to it, raise altars of Christ against all evil altars that are in operation and plead the Blood of Jesus all over the land to send the powers out, it is an evil power. This is not the time for people to play about their Christianity but people should be dedicated to what they believe.

Your ministry deals a lot about altars, can we say there are some altars crying for blood with this recent happenings?

There are people who don’t want human beings to succeed, they begin to sacrifice to Satan to give them wisdom on how to hunt human beings. This is a wickedness somewhere in the dark kingdom.

You said Scientists will not find solution to the virus, what did God reveal to you as solution?

Based on the trance God showed me in 2018, people should use lime and hot water to wash their heads and hand as they read Isaiah 52 vs 1-12

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