Selfless service: Abia State-born teacher continues to receive monetary donations

Juliana Francis

The teacher, Mrs Obiagelli Mazi, who caught the attention of the Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, with her selfless to her work, has continued to receive monetary donations from impressed Nigerians.
Obiagelli, the woman in a viral video with Governor @ProfZulum, also got promoted from a mere class teacher to assistant headmistress.
Obiagelli, a level 12 class teacher, encountered Zulum on Friday. The executive Chairman, Borno State Universal Education Board, SUBEB, Dr Shettima Kullima conveyed the promotion on Saturday after his recommendation was approved by Zulum.
Zulum had, during a 6:30 am outing on Friday to assess public institutions, encountered Obiagelli already at school, waiting for her pupils. The woman, who hails from Abia State, has been teaching for 31 years. Zulum met her at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi 2 Primary School under Jere Local Government Education Authority.
Impressed by Obiagelli’s dedication, Zulum commended and rewarded her with personal cash of N100,000 nearly three times her monthly salary of N35,000.
In addition, Zulum directed the Executive Chairman of the Borno State Universal Education Board to review the woman’s civil service position, her qualification, which happens to be NCE, and recommend her for promotion. Less than 24 hours later, the SUBEB Chairman contacted the governor recommending Obiagelli’s promotion from class teacher to assistant headmistress. He said even though the woman was not a graduate, her 31 years teaching experience and commitment coupled with an executive order by the governor have earned her the promotion.
The incident saw an outpouring of reaction from Nigerians on Twitter who are donating money to the dedicated woman.
Dogo M Shettima@ShettimaDogo, tweeted: “I went to Miss Obiageri Mazi who was just promoted from class teacher to Assistant Headmistress by @GovBorno @ProfZulum as a result of her dedication and patriotism to service.I met her in respect of donation of money from group of concerned Nigerians as reward for her service.”
Dr. Dípò Awójídé@OgbeniDipo, tweeted: “Some good news. @ShettimaDogo works for the Borno State Goverment. He is helping us and will give us feedback on Monday. Please get ready to donate. @whitenigerian has promised N50,000. I’ll donate N75,000. Our aim is at least a million naira. We can do it. And we will do it.”
Osho Nourdean@Oshofaze also tweeted: “An Igbo woman did well, an Hausa governor rewarded and promoted her, a Yoruba man suggested raising funds for her. That’s a true Nigerian spirit where people are define by their goodness not tribes. God bless you @OgbeniDipo, may we continue to see more of this togetherness.”
Lovestings@callistusobinna, noted: “You see why I love Nigerians? We are very wonderful people, but the political class and greed has turned many heart of gold to stones and divided everyone, we need a leadership that will create a platform for us to truly express our beautiful nature. Dr Dipo here is not waiting.”

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