Seun Kuti says black excellence is an irresponsible, futile effort to combat victimhood

Nigerian music star, Seun Kuti, believes that the idea of black excellence is an irresponsible futile effort to combat victimhood. The music star made this known via his Instagram page on Wednesday,.

According to him, the idea that Africans must strive towards perfection before they can be respected is laughable.

“Black excellence is vibrant, artistic athletic, intelligent, beautiful but it’s fatal flaw? It’s IRRESPONSIBLE!!! The excellent blacks forget not all Africans can be excellent and if our humanity is suddenly pegged at excellent and perfect what happens to all of us who don’t fit into this category,” he wrote.

“Most Africans are normal, we can’t jump or run fast. We can’t sing and dance or make beautiful clothes. We are just normal people. I don’t get it? Are we saying the entire African people must strive for perfection and excellence before we are respected as humans?”

Kuti’s latest post isn’t coming as a surprise as he has many times expressed his thoughts about different social and political topics.

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