Shettima: Delay shows inefficiency of APC govt

…passage of 2017 budget

The passage of the 2017 budget by the National Assembly in May is funny. It shows how unserious the government is. This is clearly a demonstration of institutions that have finally collapsed and that things are not done normal.

Abnormality has become the other of the day under this government.

It is a clear indication that those people who are saddled with responsibility do not really have any value to the life of Nigerians.

Despite the recession and when they claimed that the recession is almost over, it is obvious that on their side, it is over but to a common man that is being governed, the recession keep increasing daily and many people are not surviving it.

Last year, when there was delay in the passage of the budget, we all saw how Nigerians were suffering.

And even when the budget was passed, the common man found it difficult to reconcile when budget is being passed and when it is not being passed.

There is no impact. So, of what importance is the budget? To me, I feel something is wrong somewhere. Institutions are already collapsing and people are not living normal life.

So, passing the budget or not passing it, when we are already at the middle of the year does not make any sense to anybody.

The fact of the matter is that we have a collapsed system in place and it is high time Nigerians begin to think and find a new order. The only option we have is to think about a new order.

We cannot continue to run a country as if we are running a banana republic. We have being running from one trouble to another ever since the inception of the present government.

We must resist it collectively. We must begin to think of how we can come out of this madness. We must be very determined and willing to take over from the old recycled leaders who have held the country to ransom for many years.

Passing the budget almost half of the year does not make sense as far as I am concern.

It is of no importance to anybody. The delay in passage of the budget is the reflection of the present state of the country and the circumstances surrounding the passage of this year budget is worse than the issues over the passage of the 2016 budget. Because last year there were certain circumstances that warranted the delay in passage of the budget like padding of the budget, but this year there was no distraction, but insult and abuse on the sensibility of Nigerians.

There is nothing special about the passage of the 2017 budget. I believe there should be a new order in 2019.

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