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Shina Peters to headline Owambe Saturday on Africa Magic

Legendary Nigerian musician Sir Shina Peters will this weekend serenade viewers of the Africa Magic Owambe show. The show is aimed at bringing viewers the best entertainment through electrifying performances from top music bands in the country, its way of connecting lovers of Owambe parties to what they cherish even as restrictions on parties through physical distancing continue. Owambe, borrowed from the Yoruba language, is not just a Yoruba culture alone anymore. It is the best word for describing the Nigerian spirit of celebration that is characterized by pomp and pageantry, extravaganza and paparazzi, luxury, and lavish spending, and lots of food, music, and dance. It is an important part of living and being a Nigerian.

The headliner for this week’s party is the king of Afro-juju himself, Sir Shina Peters. His music is a blend of the best of Fela’s Afro and the beauty of the late Ayinde Barrister’s Fuji, mixed with the fastpitched heavy drumming and swings of disco lovers. His 1989 album titled Ace (Afrojuju series 1) remains a masterpiece to this day.

But this album was not the introduction of Shina Peters into the music industry; he had always been hanging about the corridors of music since he began singing at a very young age and apprenticed to many great names during the time. He was once with the band of Chief Ebenezer Obey, then moved with the sensational General Prince Adekunle’s band. Under this band, Shina Peters acquired the skills needed for playing the piano and the guitar and developed his singing talent.


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