SLAY QUEEN: Latest fad among young females


Jumoke Oladipupo is a beautiful, fair and average height of 5’2”, and a very free spirited young girl perhaps in her early 20s. For five hours of interaction with Oladipupo, she was full of life, playful and pleasant to be with but one thing seems lacking in Oladipupo, self confidence!!!
Oladipupo applied extreme make-up, robbing her totally of her natural beauty. Unfortunately, Oladipupo could not express herself or articulate her sentences properly, she was too unattractive with the way she talked, a clear definition of beauty without brains like the common adage has it. Oladipupo kept powdering her face from time to time, too conscious of how she looked; her appearance was paramount to her because that was all she could use as a war tool, it seemed. In fact, she could not hold a descent conversation where meaningful ideas are exchanged or discussed among her age grade. All Oladipupo could show off was a N400,000 iphone- (Internet Phone) arguably the most expensive phone, a N200,000 Brazilian wig and an extraordinary long eye lashes and fixed nails which made one wonder if she even cooks or cleans at home. Oladipupo can hardly tell the meaning of the iphone she was using with IQ as low as that of a 2year old. On a closer rapport with Oladipupo it was discovered that she couldn’t even boast of having N10,000 in her account which brings her extravagant look (and perhaps lifestyle) to question.
Toyosi Ajibade but commonly called Toyo baby among her friends on Campus is a first year student of University of Lagos, (Unilag). She has a house in VGC, has on the latest waves of fashion on her that one would think she is competing with the owner of “Nina Empire”. She uses the latest iphone like she is changing clothes. Disgracefully, Toyo baby could not spell the “Brazilian wig or weaves she was wearing. It is common knowledge that Toyo baby is a slay queen and follows only married men referred to as sugar daddies.
According to the response gotten from interviews on the issue of slay queen being a common norm in recent times, they told New Telegraph that the idea behind being a slay queen is usually driven by the unnecessary desire to belong in a social strata for youths who have created a totally different world for themselves away from their impoverished homes that they do anything desperately to belong to the class of ‘the big girls’. They said there is usually discontentment that comes from being too exposed to the social world , low self esteem, peer pressure which are some of the things that has driven many Nigerian female youths into the tight arms of the craziest trend of being a slay queen, masking as what they are not.
According to Chioma Ojei, “ a student of Yabatech, a slay queen is a lady who is just into fashion, likes designer shoes, bags, wigs, trying to look good, everything trending and too focused on her appearance. They are usually the Shawarma type and Cold Stone Eatery type of girls”. For Ojei, most times, they appear too cheap and unsophisticated because they are trying too hard to be noticed and that most of them are usually from poor background. Hence, they have low self esteem which makes them try to sell their looks to the highest bidder. She also told New Telegraph that a slay queen is a lady who always wants things as fast as she can lay her hands upon.
Another lady by name Ifeoma Onwuka, a corporate worker, was asked what she thinks about being a slay queen? This is what she had to say “it’s a good thing. We ladies just need to maintain ourselves, we have to look good. Just that some people go into different lengths to achieve it and most times they try to bite more than they can chew by buying some things they cannot afford.” She added that many ladies have interpreted the meaning of looking good as their only aim and achievement.
For Joy Ekeh, a student, family background could be one of the causes for ladies desperation, thereby making them to become slay queen. She said, “most slay queens you see are from poor homes and when they enter into higher institutions, the pressure to belong to the high class babes set in. It is also often cause by low self esteem.”
Going by the testimonies of most people New Telegraph spoke to, android phones are belittling, hence, their common features range from iphone, expensive weaves and heavy facial makeup. They live extravagant lifestyle, and clothes that expose some parts of their bodies. They are always online looking for new catch.
Joshua Emegha, a student of Tai Solarin University of Education said sadly that behind the makeup, the expensive hair and the insatiable desire to look more sophisticated than they can afford, the unspeakable things done to achieve and maintain such expensive lifestyle is a vulnerable, misguided, depressed young lady still figuring life and the uncertainties that each day would bring.
Folarin Chukwueeka, a male student of the University of Ilorin advised his female friends to always be contented with whatever they have, “be careful of the kind of friends you keep and be grateful for what your parents can give you. Be patient and work very hard for the things you desire, do not let peer pressure lead you into actions you will not be proud of if exposed someday.”
The 26year old also advised parents to stop the habit of comparing their daughters with anybody, be it a friend’s daughter or anybody because doing that brings low self esteem and breeds inferiority complex which sometimes leads into depression and a feeling of worthlessness. Chukwuemeka also advised that parents should understand the pace and timing that success comes with as it differs from person to person.

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