Space Centre marks World Asteroid Day with fanfare

NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science, Nsukka, on Friday joined its counterparts across the world to mark the 2017 World Asteroid Day.

The World Asteroid Day, was set aside as a global awareness campaign, which is aimed at helping the people to learn about asteroids and how to protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

The event attracted researchers across the country, especially state in which the centre has recorded indelible imprint in the observation and recognition of the Asteroid in the universe.

According to the scientists, Asteroids are small airless rocky world-proved that revolve around the Sun, which are too minor to be called planets but which first occurred on June 30, 1908, for which last Friday made it 109 years of its existence.

This year’s edition was the third in the series of the annual International Asteroid Day celebration.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Acting Director of the Centre, Dr. Bonaventure Okere, noted that as the world is observing the Asteroid Day, with Nigeria fully in line with the activities marking the day across the world, he pointed out that the country could not afford to lag behind because of its numerous contributions to the global community through science and technological.

He cited states where Asteroid had occurred in the country to include Sokoto in 2004, Taraba in 2012, and Benue in 2013.

Okere, therefore, called on the state and federal government to invest more in science in order to secure the future our planet.

To mark the day, a wide range of activities took place, which included live concerts and community events, lectures and other educational programmes, which aimed at raising public awareness about the need for increased detection and mapping of asteroids.

So far, several fresh strategies are being developed to approach the various happenings and protection systems by the scientists at the centre on how to alerting the country about the Asteroid and which would be achieved through Telescopes.

Apart from the scientists’ efforts, the Director noted that there was a special media packaged for the observation and its awareness, saying Asteroid Day was broadcasted life with other issues about the space were also discussed by the ESA, JAXA and NASA.

The event, which was well attended by the lecturers and students from Department of Physics and Astronomy, as well as members of the academic community, would according to Director, be marked with special flavour next year.

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