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Study: Children who live in greener places face less stress

Researchers in Spain said children who are exposed to green spaces, like parks, gardens and backyards, could have lower levels of stress.


The researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISF) studied 323 children aged eight to 11 in Italy.


The children’s parents were asked to share how often their children engaged in physical activity, with researchers quantifying the study by using urine samples to measure oxidative stress.

Residential and school greenness was also assessed to see how much outdoor green space was surrounding a child’s home and school and how much time was spent in each location.

The results showed the greater exposure to vegetation a child has, the lower level of oxidative stress is found, and this association was observed regardless of the child’s physical activity.


Oxygen is essential for countless biochemical reactions that keep humans alive, but its oxidation process can create harmful reactive substances that the body can’t always neutralise quickly and can cause unrepairable damage.

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