Stun in athletic chic

As we follow the events unfolding in Russia, let us consider one of the most interesting laws of fashion ever broken which is erasing the line that distinguished between casual and athletic chic~ness.


In fact, in most cases, this blur cuts into the formal wear as well. So you can today find a completely formal look by any assessment that shakes you up when you realise that the look is paired with a pair of athletic rather that formal shoes.

It doesn’t necessarily take away from the look, it just adds an edg e to it. More people are keying into this trend and I suppose it makes it easy to skip from day to night looks all the way into the gym, no?


Yeah so don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how many more people are tapping into the sneakers trend.

They come majorly in black , white , nudes, even glitter and neon colours .

They look so good when paired with a pair of jeans and t shirt and look just as good with a pair of fitted work pants with a hem that just graze s your ankles, paired with a fitted blazer.

One tip to take away though, if the look is for work, you want to keep the sneakers or bomber jacket in a neutral or solid colour so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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