That they may know there’s God in Israel (4)

Dr. D.K Olukoya   




ivine judgement has been hard upon those who have opposed the children of God. Ask Pharaoh, ask Nebuchadnezzar. Those who are fighting Gods children, their nakedness will be removed soon in the name of Jesus!



God has been seriously warning them, unlock the evil padlock, release those whom they have been locked as goats in their coven. This day, they shall know that there is a God in Israel. Today, we have plenty of prayers to pray. Just know that God’s purpose cannot be thwarted. God words, God’s promises cannot fail. God’s opposition cannot prevail. God’s operation cannot be cancelled by anybody. God’s judgement cannot be derailed or stop.


Today, take two steps: Surrender your life today and key into the awesomeness of the prayers we are going to pray today.



Bottomline is; prayer can plant, prayer can uproot, prayer can build, prayer can destroy, prayer can kill, prayer can bring to life, prayer can fast forward and prayer can reverse. The awesomeness of prayer is something the modern day man is still yet to understand.



Rise to your feet now. That they may know that there is a God in Israel. Begin to talk to the Lord now that every arrow of prayers you’re going to fire here today shall locate the unprotected forehead of your Goliath today in the name of Jesus!


Prayer points:


1. Diviners, enchanters and sorcerers seeking my flesh and blood this season, die in the name of Jesus!


There are some breakthroughs that cannot wait again.


There are some miracles that should not be delayed anymore.



There are some promotions that should happen immediately. If you know that delay is what the enemy has been using to afflict you, shout this prayer loud and clear:


2. Spirit of delay, enough is enough; expire in the name of Jesus!


3. Stronghold of delay in my life, I pull you down in the name of Jesus!


4. (Say it 7 hot times) Answers to my prayers, no more delay in the name of Jesus!


5. Joy killers, breakthrough arresters, die in the name of Jesus!


6. Any battle assigned to swallow me, you’re a liar; die in the name of Jesus!


7. Destiny arresters, release me now in the name of Jesus!

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