The inward life

The kingdom of God is within you, says the Lord. Turn with your whole heart to the Lord and forsake this miserable world and your soul will fine rest, life free of trouble, in balancing and depress and to give yourself into inward things and you will see the kingdom of God within you for the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


(1 Samuel 3vs2-9) Exercises are activities that requires spiritual and mental exertion especially when intended to develop or maintain spiritual growth, paraphrase of the actual verse which says “I will hear what God the Lord will speak” (Psalms 85:5). Christ will come to you and comfort you if you will prepare a worthy dwelling forth in within you.


His visits with inward persons are frequent and with Him, He brings sweet conversation, pleasant comfort, great peace and friendship that is exceeding wonderful. (Joel 2 vs 12) when you have Christ, you are rich and have all you need, He will be your faithful helper in all things and prevail all your future needs so that you will not need to rely upon others for people soon change and quickly fail, but Christ remains the same to the end. I put my trust in God; only Him keeps and sustains my inward life safe and secure.


Spiritual people can quickly withdraw inwardly because they never absolutely give themselves over to outward things. (Matthew 11 vs 28-30) but, many things displeases and often trouble you because you are not yet perfectly dead to yourself or separate from all worldly things. Nothing so defiles and entangles the heart of a person with pure love for others. If you refuse outward comfort, you will be able to contemplate the Thing of Heaven and receive inward joy.




  1. Lord Jesus, I completely surrender my life and soul to you for purification in the Blood of Jesus Christ.


  1. I have a conviction within me that the Holy Spirit will have its dwelling power in me by the power of God your Word.


  1. My inward life will be always actively blessed by the Holy Spirit and genuinely hear and obey Jesus’s direction.


  1. Father, dismantle every inward thought contrary to your purpose and plan for my life. 5. My inward life will be filled with eternal message in Jesus Name.


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